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Sarah Liberman (sairuh on

QA Projects

Old to-do lists:


  • Located at [], aka, t.m.o.
  • t.m.o. currently using v0.2, but latest is v0.6
  • BFT (basic functional tests) updates needed for Thunderbird (trunk changes)
  • BFT updates needed for Firefox (trunk changes)

Automation with Eggplant

  • smoketests for Firefox (mostly done, but needs to be better coded) and Thunderbird
  • robustness, capture failure info but don't stop runs unnecessarily
  • effective and efficient scripting/coding
  • naming convention for images captured (mostly done)
  • drag and drop automation
  • BFT's!
  • hooking into build system?
  • hooking into t.m.o.?

Accessibility (a11y)

More of a wish list than a to-do list, for now...

  1. Update existing QA documentation? Most stuff was based on Seamonkey (Mozilla Suite) UI —and primarily for keyboard navigation:
  2. And/or, put a11y docs (test plans and cases) into Testrunner?
  3. Areas needing work:
    • Selection (editor) keyboard shortcuts, unless already noted in the keyboard stuff above.
    • Screenreader usage
    • Screen magnifier/zoom usage
    • Voice-recognition applications


As time permits...