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David Weir
David Weir
Mozillian: satdav
Reps: satdav
Personal Information
City: Glasgow
Country: Scotland (EMEA)
Lead Differnet Roles
Mozilla Mail:
Other Information
Personal Mail:
GPG-Key: [1]
Website: [ David's Website]
Facebook: satdav
Twitter: weirdavid1 satdav
LinkedIn: satdav
GitHub: satdav
Skype: [skype:/satdav-mozilla satdav-mozilla]
IRC: satdav on
#communityit #www #remo #uk #mozillians #sumo #qa #planning


I have been involved with Mozilla since 2009 as a contributor, I have done many roles from being a RM - room moderator for the old SuMo live chat to also being a rep to now helping with the en-gb translation of the Mozilla Websites

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I am based in the UK but you will see me on Matrix or other platforms mostly at late at night or at the weekends


As some of you might know I have got some Disability's these include a Visual Impairment and Autism, hand eye Co-Ordination

About Me

I am 29 Years of age, from Sunny Scotland and I have got some disabilities what are listed above, I am volunteer for some local organisations what are listed on the website links below

In my spare time I like to be the web master for some websites I have been running for many years

Website Links

Organisations I volunteer at

NAS National Autism Society Scotland

Help For Heroes

Glasgow Life

Events attended or organised

I have been to many different events with Mozilla through most of them is online based due to the time zones of some people I use Vidyo when I am doing meetings for Mozilla or skype

Bug hunting

Assigned to me

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
721518 [Accessibility - Tracking Bug] Recommendations to Improve Mozilla Websites -- ASSIGNED
799275 Tracking bug (change all en-us profile to en -- RESOLVED
831066 Update copyright year in footer to include 2013 -- VERIFIED
832766 README.RST updated -- RESOLVED
832769 Password File Updated -- RESOLVED
836982 Add 2013 to the license file -- RESOLVED
1140173 Community_Calendar pointing to obsolete link -- VERIFIED
1147404 Improve Planet -- RESOLVED
1188470 Download button for En-Gb Site -- VERIFIED
1190535 Enable the en-gb Locale -- VERIFIED
1191720 Add Telegram to the IM List -- VERIFIED

11 Total; 1 Open (9.09%); 5 Resolved (45.45%); 5 Verified (45.45%);