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If I had a magic wand, etc.

Stage 1:

  • let users provide a rating without a review, no moderation
    • weight ratings without reviews lower (1/10 the weight of a full review)
    •  ?? ratings without reviews are restricted to 3-7 range to limit effect of gaming
  • provide a template for users to follow when writing a full review
  • notify user when review is posted to the site
  • notify user when review is deleted during moderation with a message

Stage 2:

  • permit users to update reviews
  • list reviews and ratings on a user's page

Stage 3:

  • "This review is helpful/unhelpful" links
    • Reviews with a sufficient "helpful" rating get boosted in weight (5x?)
    • Reviews with a sufficient "unhelpful" rating get put back into the moderation queue
  • Allow editors to mark a review as "Great", giving it 10x weight and a marker on the display
  • Add "(*) move to forum discussion" option to review-moderation queue