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User Reviews

Reviews by add-on users provide important information for other users, and are a key component in AMO's efforts to have users "get what they expect" from add-ons that they decide to try out. In order for reviews to be as useful as possible, we ask that you follow these guidelines when writing them.

First, make sure that you have a good understanding of the add-on, and that you've used it long enough to develop an informed impression. Don't rush to write a review right after you install it, especially if the add-on is meant to be used frequently or has some features that you will only use occasionally. We want these reviews to reflect your considered opinion, not just your first impressions, because that's what will help your fellow add-on users make good choices about what they want to try.

You should also take your time when writing the review, and considering your rating; read over what you wrote and make sure that it's clear and constructive. Remember that you're rating the add-on within the context of all other add-ons on the site, so unless you truly believe that this is the best add-on around, and really couldn't live up to its description and goals any better, you should be stingy with "10" ratings. (Similarly with ratings of zero.)

If you don't like the _concept_ of an add-on, you probably shouldn't be writing a review in the first place -- what were you doing with it installed at all?

Reviews aren't a place to complain about an author or company, or to report bugs in the add-on -- you can discuss the add-on in the Discussion Forums if you would like. Please keep your reviews about the add-on, and useful for someone who has never used the add-on before.