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This page is under construction/constant thought processes - once the content has solidified, I'll be putting it out for comment. What I'm saying is initially, its a dumping ground, don't waste your time commenting on it in its early drafts - there will be plenty of time for comment and discussion later

This page is all about fleshing out ideas for Contact Management in the future of Messaging.

Use Cases

Single Contact

  • How do I contact x?
  • In what form should I contact x?
    • Instant Messaging, Email, Telephone/VOIP, Snail mail.
  • Is x contactable now?
    • Online? Likely to be awake?
  • Where should I contact x?
    • Is x at work or at home?
  • What is x doing?
  • Where is x's web page?
  • When is a special date for x?
    • Anniversary, Birthday etc.
  • How is related to x?
    • Do they have different emails?
  • Why do I have a reference to this contact?
    • Interest group, family, friend, received email from, sent email to.
  • What conversations have I had with this contact?

Multiple Contacts

  • I want to contact this group of people
  • I don't want to expose contact details to the alternate members of the group


  • I want to have my contacts available:
    • on my phone/handheld device/etc.
    • on another computer when I access it.
    • in other applications.