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Just some extensions and/or Firefox features I would like to see updated and/or expanded upon:


  • A way to send a command to Firefox to cleanly quit(without firefox focused) i.e. example command might be(with Firefox already open, and I am using Mac OS X 10.4) firefox-bin -quit , and then Firefox would close, just as if you were to click File-Quit from within Firefox. My reason for this, is I want to be able to have a command to be run at a certain time that I previously specify, and then Firefox will quit in this manner. I do not want to have to call killall for this, and then Firefox thinks it crashed next time it restarts.


  • Before I upgraded to Firefox 3.0, I had been using an extension called Tab Mix Plus, with many of the features enabled, including:
  • mutli-row tabs
  • tab grouping
  • tab coloring for unread tabs(a new, unfocused tab would be a different color than other tabs until it became focused)
  • To further expand, when I opened many tabs, instead of making them scroll, Firefox would open another row of tabs to be used. For tab grouping, when I had a tab selected, and I opened a new tab from a link in that tab, I had set Firefox to not focus that tab. So then it did not, and Firefox would open a new tab with that link, and then as Tab Mix Plus was configured to do, that new tab would be colored in red italic font to get my attention, and would change to normal once I opened that tab. Then, with Tab Mix Plus, each time I opened a new tab, without focusing that tab, it would be like part of a new group of tabs with the original tab being the first. So, if with Tab A and Tab D open, and from Tab A, I opened Tab B, without focusing it, Tab B would be highlighted in red italics, and open right next to Tab A. Then, if I opened Tab C from Tab A, without reading Tab B, then Tab C would open right next to Tab B. This entire scenario is exactly how I would want my tabs in Firefox to always behave, along with multiple rows, but unfortunately, Tab Mix Plus is not compatible with Firefox 3.0, only up to Firefox 3.0a. And Firefox 3.0 cannot be configured in any of these ways. I really miss those features of Tab Mix Plus.

- Also, I am aware of some of these features available in some other extensions, but I have not been able to find some of these other features available in any other extensions.