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18:46 < mconnor> wait
18:46 < mconnor> what's the third incremental sync?
18:46 < mconnor> I'm so confused
18:46 < mconnor> :D
18:46 < thunder> 1) being able to parse items one by one as they come in from the server, apply them
18:47 < thunder> 2) doing away with the assumption that at the end of the last sync, the client and 
                 server were "in sync" (being able to sync in small chunks, potentially never even 
                 syncing down all data)
18:47 < thunder> 3) selectively syncing some engines but not others, based on priorities and 
18:47 < thunder> we just implemented (1)
18:47 < thunder> your bug is about (3)
18:47 -!- gupta [] has quit [Connection reset by peer]
18:48 < thunder> we've been talking about (2) for the future
18:49 < mconnor> ok
18:53 < thunder> "threshold sync"
18:53 < thunder> that's a good name for the 3rd kind
18:54 < thunder> basically we don't sync the engines at all, until they reach some threshold
18:54 < thunder> the way it's implemented the threshold goes down, and the engine score goes up 
                 with each local change
18:55 < thunder> once they cross, we sync
18:55 < thunder> and reset the score and threshold