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Making space for others to contribute, lead and take on responsibility

European local communities, many of them founded on the localisation of Mozilla Products, can face the risk of getting stagnant and not welcoming new contributors. This can lead to old contributors become overbusy, eventually getting burnout and leaving the project.

During this session we would like to explore and identify the different stages (including personal attitudes) where local community members can be at stake and find ways of creating a space for new people to contribute, lead and take on responsibility of maintaining a locale. We would also try to find the answer on how communities at the local scale can be as diversified and rich in approach as we can see in the global Mozilla ecosystem.


  • Open and collaborative session making
  • Participants are recommended to sign up and think about the topic before
  • No tablets/No laptops. 1 or 2 people will take care of taking notes of the session.
  • Ideally 2 sessions (same day or different days) ~3 hours total
  • We would need folks to jump in and help as co-facilitators. If interested, add your name or email @toniher
    • Eduard Gamonal at your service, sir.