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Brain dump of all the ideas I have and things I need to communicate. Prep work for the Mozilla Summit 2010


There's a need for way more communication than what's going on right now. Need to figure the how and the what. Some of the what is easy, some is less, what are people wanting from me.

From me to community

    • Best place ? ml/forum/nntp/blog combination ?
    • Frequency?
    • How not to bore ppl.

Inside community

    • forum
    • mailing list
    • qmo

Getting More people on Board

This as kind of failed over the past year. We need to make sure we don't burn new comers out. Probably easier to give them small and very defined jobs.


  • getting more people
  • lessons - how to .... on IRC
  • areas where we need to be better
  • bucket versus identifying bugs



Current format works properly when schedule is quite stable - fails a bit when schedule changes heavily.

  • How do we get more ppl to subscribe to the -tester mailing list ?
  • Is the current format what we really need ?
  • Maintaining litmus test is a pain. How to do it better ?


Sharing with Support

  • how do we ?
  • non en-US ppl ?
  • how do we end up having the right feedback into bugzilla and make sure the real issue get addressed