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Here's where you find all things on setting up Firefox Accounts and New Sync

Please log any bugs: (component Server:Firefox Accounts)

Desktop Firefox Accounts

Desktop Firefox Accounts Setup

  • Get nightly desktop Firefox > 2/3/2014
  • Launch Fx with new profile (run cmd for mac): /Applications/ -p
  • go into file menu Tools > Setup Sync
  • Create Account
  • Verify account via email
  • See Sync logs or start a new firefox instance with different profile. profile manager
  • add remove bookmarks and select from file menu 'Sync Now'

Android Firefox Accounts

Android Firefox Accounts Setup

  • Get nightly android Firefox > 2/3/2014
  • Go to Android Settings > Accounts> Add Account and select "Firefox Account"
    • (unfortunately, there's currently no way to customize the server urls)
  • Create Account
  • Verify account via email
  • See android logs [1] or start a new firefox instance with different profile profile manager to see the results of the sync

Firefox Accounts URLs

  • Recommend using a test profile as this may corrupt your sync data, NOT recoverable.


  • current src
  • identity.fxaccounts.auth.uri
  • identity.sync.tokenserver.uri
  • firefox.accounts.remoteUrl

After lands

  • identity.fxaccounts.auth.uri
  • identity.fxaccounts.remote.uri
  • identity.fxaccounts.settings

Servers URLs


Stage URLs:

Production URLs:

Sync debugging - Desktop

  • goto about:config
  • search by 'sync.log'
  • set services.sync.log.appender.file.level=Trace
  • view logs here: about:sync-log

Useful Firefox Configs:

  • services.sync.log.appender.file.logOnError=Yes
  • services.sync.log.appender.file.logOnSuccess=Yes

Sync Debugging - Android

  1. Set up for Android debugging over USB
  2. install the adb command-line tool on a desktop computer
  3. run adb logcat on the desktop computer
  4. (Menu) > Settings > Customize > Sync > Sync Now will print lines like
 I/FxAccounts(14157): firefox :: CountCheckingServer11RepositorySession :: First sync for bookmarks: 7628 items.
 W/FxAccounts(14157): firefox :: CountCheckingServer11RepositorySession :: Too many items to sync safely. Skipping.
 I/FxAccounts(14157): firefox :: SynchronizerSession :: Session requested skip. Short-circuiting sync.
 I/FxAccounts(14157): firefox :: ServerSyncStage :: Stage bookmarks received -1 and sent -1 records in 0.09 seconds.

Before running adb logcat you can run adb shell setprop log.tag.FxAccounts DEBUG to cause additional debugging output.

See also rnewman's blog post How to file a good Android Sync bug.

  • TBD - add information here about using desktop/ADB or using logcat
  • Mobile team will have lots of details