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It's been three weeks since I updated y'all on the latest happenings in Firefox OS.

  • 203 people made 451 changes to Firefox OS. 9 people made first-time contributions to Firefox OS, including:
    • Gary Chen fixed 1096236 Remove "alternateLayoutOverwrite" in Arabic layout definition
    • Terrence Cole fixed 1101921 GGC nursery size is too large on B2G
    • Ralph Giles fixed 1105858 Bump libvpx to work-around arm toolchain bugs
    • Brian Weeteling fixed 960259 [Keyboard] German esset character "ß" is inconsistent and included in non-German keyboards.
    • Tooru Fujisawa fixed 1100812 - run adb root before flashing gecko
    • No-Jun Park fixed 1093874 Create a new test case for loading a mix of valid/invalid image files into Gallery App and 1100390 Create a new test case for the deletion of video from Preview
    • Jay Wang fixed 1105452 [gonk-l] Need to use new Audio system APIs for audio offload playback
    • Cykesiopka fixed 978426 test_sts_preloadlist_perwindowpb.js | application crashed [@ mozilla::storage::Connection::~Connection] on B2G ICS Emulator Debug only and 1109245 Modify test_keysize_ev.js to run on B2G
    • Oleksiy Avramchenko fixed 1108965 Call Set constructor with "new".
  • Other notable fixes include:
    • 1055897 - [settings] add settings dialog support
    • 1097421 - [email] Upgrade email.js omnibus bug
    • 1102208 - It takes long time to turn on FM Radio in Flame
    • 1102967 - Need some way to mark an email as unread while viewing it
    • 1069157 - [PDF Viewer] Update pdf.js in Gaia
    • 1042673 - Automatic brightness needs some hysteresis
    • 1100192 - [Keyboard][Handwriting] Add words prediction feature
    • 1105850 - (App-Grouping) Add visual cue for app placement.

Firefox Roadmap

Hi Asa, I'm wondering: after Firefox/Roadmap stop maintained, where is the product planning documents for future releases? Thanks! --BobChao (talk) 06:26, 22 March 2019 (UTC)