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Show & Hide bars

Almost all pop-ups do hide the bars (menu, status, etc). Most of the time this is wanted by the user, so disabling this feature completely in the Javascripts-Settings menu isn't advisable. But sometimes having the menu available in a pop-up is necessary. So integrating a "view bars" command in the right-click menu would be handy.

Minimize to tray

I know there is an extension that does exactly this, but the extension often doesn't get updated if a new Firefox version comes out and so has to be disabled due to incompatibility (as is the case currently with Fx 1.5). Of course it should be optionally, so users can still minimize to taskbar.

  • Is this really relevant for a browser? For Thunderbird OTOH, I use such functionality myself. Though not sure, whether that's not something to be rather handled at OS level (since not even all OSes sport a tray). ~ Zeniko 15:17, 8 Feb 2006 (PST)
  • Yes, I thought about this and I think you're right. Some time ago Fx would load rather slow, so it was nice to have it loaded all the time and hidden in the tray. But it's not really needed anymore. --Bur 18:35, 13 April 2006 (PDT)
  • Related option: Minimize to search box. If the search engine box (normally in the upper right corner of the app) could be integrated directly into a tray textbox or in some other way integrated into the task bar, it would serve double function - one, keep the browser in memory as a tray icon would normally be designed to do, and two, eliminate an extra step for many browser uses - just type your search directly in the bar, and it mimics the functionality of the search engine bar normally. The only difference is that it would visually restore the app to the screen with the search results. This search bar could then be optionally toggled by the user, leaving just the icon. ~glacialfury 13:50, 29 July 2006 (EST)

Content Blocker

Instead of a flash block and a image block, how about a content block ?

  • image
  • object/flash
  • iframe
  • javascript
  • audio

and so on.

Flash blocker

I don't think this should be integrated into Fx as the Adblock extension is a powerful extension that besides other things allows flash blocking. You can either create a filter to automatically block specific (flash-)content or disable any flash by hotkeys (strg+shift+f).

  • There is, but finding the right extension, then downloading it requires a decent chunk of computer knowledge (if nothing else, you need to know the extension exists), competence, and time. They also break with new versions of Firefox. Core functionality ought to be integrated into Firefox, so it works well out-of-the-box. This is especially an issue for new users, but it is also an issue for powerusers who must manage many machines. If it takes 5 extra minutes to make Firefox work right, multiplied by the number of applications one is installing (assuming each of them also decides to have the same philosophy), multiplied by the number boxes one is managing, adds up to a decent chunk of time. Whether, in particular, good ad blocking is core, is an issue that ought to be discussed (I think it is).

Autocomplete URL

This is one of the very few (or the only?) thing I missed when leaving IE for Fx. While typing in an URL or anything in a textbox Fx should instantly try to complete the string like this:


I only typed "www.mozi" and the rest got added automatically and changes constantly while typing. Best see for yourself if you can get a copy of IE.

  • Thanks a lot, why is this feature hidden? I know of many people who missed Autofill from the IE and noone knew it was already implemented. The option really should be available from the GUI. --Bur 18:38, 13 April 2006 (PDT)

Profile manager

For unexperienced users (as others maybe too) finding the profile manager is difficult to impossible as it can only be invoked by passing the 'profilemanager' argument to firefox. I think many windows user don't know how to run a programm other than by clicking on the icon and even passing an argument is maybe too much. So why not add a menu entry that opens the profile manager?

  • As I understand it, the Profile manager is not targeted at "unexperienced users" but mainly at developers/testers (see bz302087). Normal users should use the OS's profile facilities instead. ~ Zeniko 15:17, 8 Feb 2006 (PST)

Alternate UI modes

  • Eye problems modes would be simple and helpful modes for people who have far from young and perfect eyes. For example: Old eyes mode (very large fonts everywhere - at least 24, which by the way is the largest minimum font; why this limit, dear young programmers?), Sensitive eyes mode (fixed grey color as a background color instead of white,...) Color blind mode (no flashy greens or reds as font colors, because they are very hard to decipher),...
  • Proper Kiosk Mode is a useful feature. By proper Kiosk Mode I mean absolutely no menus or clutter (not even scroll bars). Compare with Opera's F11 Kiosk Mode.
  • A complete Kiosk Mode. It should be a very good idea to give the possibility to enable/disable easily each function in Firefox. I think it is possible now to do it but it is not easy. In firefox, it should be easy to do it in writing a simple configuration file. If this function is made then most of the interactive computer for the public (kiosk) could be installed with Firefox: most of the museum, the library, national institution etc... For the moment, the solution are not suffisiant.. or are developped in some local place... for the developpement of firefox : this function is very important indeed ! The kiosk mode must not to be a optionnal module but an integrated function in firefox for the different release in windows or in linux... For the administration in Linux, firefox should have most option in command line like : run firefox choose the fullscreen ... next change the size of the firefox etc ... so.. indeed Firefox need to have a very complete kiosk mode with an easy configuration for the computer put in each public place and the possibility to communicate with it in using some network command .... In this moment without it, it is hard to put firefox for the different guest in a museum for example...