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Two pages per tab to maximize space offered by widescreen displays

Widescreen displays are now commonplace. Firefox works very well in wide mode due to the following reasons:

• many tabs can be displayed at once

• bookmarks Toolbar can display many bookmarks

Unfortunately there is a great deal of wasted space in the page area when Firefox is expanded width wise. Sites such as have recognized the popularity of wide displays and have given the end user a wide option. Unfortunately this does not come close to maximizing the space offered by 1920x1200+ displays. I propose an preference that, when enabled, will display two sites per page - side by side.

Here is a mockup of my proposal:


• when two pages are viewed the tab responsible for that view would contain two sub tabs

• only one sub tab at a time is in the foreground - the user must select a sub tab to enable a site or click on the adjacent site before the functionality of that site can be accessed

• when opening multiple sites at once the sub tabs would be filled before moving on the the next tab - the first site of that group is the one that is displayed and ready for use

•sub tabs support drag and drop

•sub tabs can be closed individually - a tab with a single site would force a sub tab shift to avoid single tabs (this could be disabled in the prefs).

•user can create a single site tab by dragging a link to a blank location on the tab bar

•user can drag a link to a single tab and create a dual site view - the tab would then contain 2 sub tabs

•double clicking a single tab will create a second sub tab (the single page would shift to the left and a new blank page would appear with the coresponding sub tab in the foreground