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Firefox Core + More

Firefox shouldn't become feature-bloated. We have need of features vs need of lightness: a solution could be:

  • Firefox Core, with only the browser related feature and a solid extension system (that must support packaging, improved versioning and changelogs).
  • Firefox More, that is in fact Firefox Core plus a set of Mozilla Firefox developed extensions.

The two will be only a form of "internal branding": the Core and the More Extensions should be packaged together in a single installation package with just an installation flag (default on).

This is good since:

  • The development could be splitted better
  • The Mozilla Firefox More brand conveys trust
  • The single installer doesn't harm the distribution in any way

Anything to add?

Smooth Page Transitions

The way the webpages are loaded is obsoletet in these days. We have the "Web2.0" movement, Web Applications and heavy interactive content (media).

So, a solution could be a sort of Smooth Page Transition, i.e.:

  • On a full-page location refresh (i.e. non javascript) the current page should be lightly dimmed until the new page is ready.
  • When the new page is ready, a fast crossfade should display it.
  • If the page loads slowly, clicking on Forward (a button not really used since now) will show the page loading a block a time, like now.
  • If the user clicks on the dimmed "old" page, it could interact with it until the new page is ready (and faded in). Any click event of course blocks the page load (and the Forward button will turn disabled).

This will add a cool-factor also to the simple navigation, and makes Firefox feeling better because it appears better when doing its work.

Anything to add?

Graphical History Tree

History as it's now is close to unuseful. A huge improvement could be a graphical interface like TrailBlazer

  • X Axis, Left to Right: the timeline
  • Y Axis, Top to bottom: a hierarchy of the opened tabs, distinguished by color and maybe the closed "trees" in grey.

It should display the rows (colored), the thumbnail of the pages and the page names.

Anything to add?