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There is no real way to assign names to prefs in a general way.

I do like the idea of showing just user-set prefs, though.

From an l10n perspective, this sounds like hell. Should we really create a UI for things that we don't want an UI for? All those .2 .3 are probably ridiculous to name, too.

Oh my freckin' god, I'm whining.

I do agree that it's hard to translate all those descriptions, that's why I would probably suggest not forcing l10ners to do this. (and keep en-US if there's no l10n version). About pref names - I decided to suggest this basing on Opera's 9 preference window. It looks way cleaner and more readable, but I will not fight for this feature ;) Overall, my position is - about:config is for advanced users. it doesn't have to be localized if L10n team has no resources for this. But it happens, and will happen, that Joe Average will want/have to use it (because that's the workaround of some bug he hit). He must be ready that he's entering "secret" area where he can do whatever he wants but it may result in damage, but on the other hand, I'd like him to be able to use it :)