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Suggestion for Development: Add-ons FF version compatibility

One thing I have noticed as an otherwise happy Firefox user is the following:

The last time the handy "update your FF to the latest version now" popup came up, I clicked on the "Download & Install Now" button (or whatever it's called), and when I reopened my shiny new version, half of the add-ons I depend on were totally non-functioning. I then had to spend 2 hours looking for updates, or alternative add-ons and reconfiguring my entire browsing experience. Not happy.

The thing is this - I use a web browser to GET THINGS DONE, not to say "ooo - now I have the VERY LATEST browser!"

I have no problem updating my FF version, but I'd rather know what add-ons might no longer function when I do so. The simplest way this could be implemented would be for the add-on developers to include FF version compatibility info in their extensions, which could be visible in the Tools > Add-Ons list. If it would just list the maximum version compatibility next to the add-on version number, I could quickly see if updating FF is something I should do now - or wait a few more weeks for the add-on developers to catch up with.

example: Bookmarks 1.5.44 (up to Firefox v.2.0.0.*)

Right now with no ability to see this information easily, my only options are:

1. Never update Firefox again

2. Hold my breath when I update Firefox and pray everything works alright after the update (and resign myself to spending another few hours "fixing" it in the inevitable event that half my add-ons are broken).

3. Laboriously look-up each of my installed extensions on the FF Add-ons website and manually check the version compatibility.

Thanks for your consideration in this issue!