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Hi. I've just deleted some test pages you appear to have created in the main namespace. The best place to test ideas is in subpages of your userpage, like User:Hoosteeno/testpage as then they don't appear in searches of the main MozillaWiki content. When you are happy with them you can them move them to the main namespace. It is also the case that you've occasionally created pages with a '/' at the end. Please don't! It causes problems with the MediaWiki software and maintaining the wiki. If you need any assistance about making ideas happen here then just ping me. Regards, --AlisonW (talk) 16:20, 27 August 2013 (PDT)


I didn't mean to pollute the root directory; I was experimenting with forms and templates and, for a while at least, had no idea where new pages were going.

I'll do my best to put test stuff under my name in the future.

Here's what I was up to: