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Smart Text-Form Focus Changes...

Doesn't everyone hate it when you're loading a web page with a text form on it, and you start typing before the page is finished loading? How irritating is it when the pages finishes loading and the text cursor is moved while you are still typeing?

I propose that Firefox checks to see if the last time I was still typing was less than half a second ago (interval should be user configurable) and refuses to honor the text-cursor / focus-change / thingy that the web page requests.

Example: at I load page. The text fields appear before the images are finished downloading. I type in my username in about a second. I "tab" down to the password field. I start typing that, but the images finish loading and the focus is sent back to the username field. If someone was watching my screen, they'd see the last half of my password on the end of my username.

I realise I should just be more careful about where I type my password. Or be more patient and just wait for pages to finish loading completely before I start using them. But I'm a human being, and computers are supposed to work _for_ me not the other way around.

I have a similar problem and I agree it needs to be fixed. If you haven't filed a bug already, see and vote.

Smart Plug-In Focus...

Okay, now this is something I noticed with Adobe Flash in IE 7.

Instead of giving plug-ins like Flash, Java, Acrobat, etc focus right away (usually disabling all the easy keyboard shortcuts that are normally available in Firefox), in IE 7 you have to first left-click on a plug-in area before it is able to take over.

Also, I've noticed in Linux, when menus in Flash pop up, they have an annoying tendancy to slide down under the plugin area beneath them (, Doesn't make sense. Why would a new canvas area (or however it's rendered in Firefox) be called upon so that it couldn't be seen or clicked on at all? This probably isn't your fault, but I thought I'd mention it.