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So, Am I to Understand that No One can Talk to me until I create/edit the My talk page? Well, we'll see to that now. Won't We?

WoN'T We?! O_0


Guess Not, -_-.

If your Hear cause I Linked you here, Read Further down. You'll find what your looking for.

If you came here first and are wondering why I wrote the previous Statement, go to 'My Profile' as it were (Feel free to check where it will take you IF you don't trust what you click.); just be sure you don't get caught in an endless loop when you end up over here again, XD.

Oh well, I had to link you from my User Page Here cause Apparently, what I had written is too big for it to take.

So, HERE YoU Go ;P▼

1. Fix the Status Bar to Show Information of the Currently Loading object as well as the # of Remaining Objects left to load (as IE Does).
2. Fix the Performance Deficiencies in Firefox by including, but not necessarily limiting it too, The Following 4 Requirements:

One. An Isolated Processing Structure So that if One or More Components in Firefox Cause it to Crash, Then Firefox itself won't crash with it (Crossover with Opera's Shadowing Procedure that Prevents Itself from crashing).

Two. Along with Isolated Processing comes Independent Processing (of Pages, Objects, other Components, etc.) That would allow Firefox To load more then one object at the same time without any lags in progress/processing (In IE this is a given, IE loads ALL pages in a separate/independent process which means that it never 'stops' or stalls in loading anything until they are all finished; It loads everything Simultaneously with no noticeable indications of Lag, under reasonable conditions. In Firefox's current condition, It has to load the main objects first before it begins to load their sub objects.
For Example: If I enter a Site then open a link from it, BEFORE Firefox Completely Finishes loading the site that I opened the link from, The link will Always Time out unless/until the site that I opened it from has finished loading. That is very Inconvenient and Entirely Unacceptable. This Must be fixed in Firefox 3, using Independent Processing, or an exceptionally equivocal derivative).

Three. In addition to an Isolated Processing Structure and Independent Processing, there is Counter-Redundant Processing which makes the reloading of an entire page of a recently loaded page (that is yet still to have completely loaded), truly, unnecessary; provided that the subjected page isn't updated in transition. (Reduces the strain on, and drastically cuts, processing time by loading only the remaining/necessary sub objects of a Main Object; Accomplished by temporarily saving the sub objects of the Main Object as it is in the process of loading, as in, the loading and temporal saving of Sub Objects is done Simultaneously as the Main Object Finishes Loading the constituent Sub Object; it's crossovered with cache.
IE Completely, though perhaps not overall desirably, Exhibits a behavior for the solid implementation of this procedure; the undesirable portion comes when IE leaves residually traceable & sensitive data, as one would have to manually and arduously delete it from their browser. In Firefox, that undesirable portion is easily averted as the Remnant Data Removal implementation Function is already finished; all that is left to be required is this Counter-Redundant Processing Implement to compliment it's already convenient/considerate Remnant Data Removal Option. Upon further Investigation and finally realization, one would wonder why such a crucial protocol was absent in Firefox to begin with; onto which, the conclusion to be drawn is its Immediate Implementation to achieve its such sought after state of closure! Limited to the concerning relevances of their respective counterparts; the closure mentioned is applicable as far as this protocols's direct implementation is concerned and is not to suggest the overall closure of all of Firefox's Missing Remnants, which is still, at the moment, quite the contrary).

Four. Perhaps with some relevance to the previous three that share a common trait comes Dramatically Reduced System Resource Consumption/Occupation (Perhaps also due to IE's ability to process things Independently from others, though perhaps not in Isolation that I am currently aware of, it may be inherent that it use and occupy fewer system resources then Firefox currently occupies and eats up.)

Perhaps the use of what some believe to be an Inferior Programming Language, Java, is what is keeping Firefox from performing/functioning Desirably; though Java be a very compliant language, it doesn't make up for its inherent flaws which are, to my immediate understanding based upon my observations and moderately reliable sources that I in my present state of mind am Currently aware of and with no Intentional Disrespect directed to those who may feel offended by such remarks, Noticeably slow Compilation time even on/under fast machines, Lacking the capacity to Handle certain forms of Simultaneous Processing, Blatant Disregard for System Resources, and Apparent Component Dependencies that are unnecessary yet are to load completely with the application in order for said application to "function correctly/properly". These are the very things that keep Firefox From achieving a state of high performance to which limit it's overall appeal, though Firefox Itself is in fact very Appealing and Desirable, It is still currently being held back by these and other shortcomings, which may be possibly due to inherent nature under the language it is built from. A move to a more, consistent/considerable/compatible, language may be required to eliminate these shortcomings; unless it is possible to overcome them under the same Language it is built from, but ONLY IF.
3. Fix the Address Bar to Show Site Proceedings; an Option to "Always Show/Display Site Proceedings in Address Bar" (As in, Always Show/Display the Site Your are being Directed To In The Address Bar.) along with the ability for the user to Manipulate the Address Bar(Focus, Cut, Copy, Paste, etc.) at their Discretion Should Suffice.
4. Fix the Faulty Firefox Image Displaying protocols/Regulations and add appreciated conveniences. (Firefox Suffers from many Image maladies, some appear to have been caused by regression or some equivocal derivatives thereof.
First of all, at inconvenient times, Firefox Fails to Display/Load Images Properly, IF at all! To Alleviate this problem, although ideally we prefer a prevention or more precisely the positive form of equivocal absence of said proplem thereof, May I suggest that the option “Create/Show Distinct Matting/Frames behind/around Images” be instated to let the user know that Images Do exist on the page they don't appear on in Firefox so that In the Event that Firefox Can't, for whatever reason, Load the Images Correctly, they will know that Images are in fact 'there'. Though I shall Reiterate, Ideally, it is Always supposed to show you pictures IF they are there, properly loaded, and IF you have authorized Firefox to let you see them; should you have some specific reasons to allow or disallow the viewing of certain Images, though Still is all in accordance to your desired discretion. Obviously there should also exist the additional, and probably set as a check box, Option Don't Create/Show Distinct Matting/Frames behind/around Blocked Images OR by other terms, though still retaining the exact same function, Don't apply to Blocked Images/Hide Blocked Images to be In place in the event that you don't even want to know if there are Blocked Images Present; again In place to be employed at their discretion and if they so desire.
Now, as for conveniences, Firefox Lacks some features that seem a tad, Strange. Strange, as in, it would appear that certain features do exist, however, they are scattered inconveniently throughout Firefox. Such Features include but are not limited too the Following:

An Option for a Pop-On-Hover Save/Send Picture Toolbar Feature, as Seen with IE.
This Feature/Option is absent from Firefox, Why exactly? It was a given that one had easy access to their albums with a mere waive of the mouse over an ample sized picture. Click twice, and done. In Firefox, You'll have to click a few more times to get it there. This doesn't seem like a big deal right? Maybe not at first, but consider the facts that you may have to do this procedure for every single image you come across at your discretion. It adds up to Carpal Tunnel in the long run. Besides, If anybody who has the authority and resources to implement this nifty feature and doesn't implement it then calls YOU lazy for complaining about having to input a few extra buttons to get it there, it becomes quite the contrary and the Irony is shear obviousness. How inconsiderate of you Firefox Developers, -_-. *Tsk* *Tsk*

An “Unblock/Reload Image” Context Menu Item, Very similar to the “Show Image” context Menu Item seen in IE.
The only difference comes in the fact that you have the Simultaneous option to Unblock the Image. However, this too is currently compromised. The “Show Images from ...” Context Menu Items is present, but not the “Unblock/Reload Image” Context Menu Item that could allow you to reload and/or Unblock individual images from just the current page that may have failed to load or were first blocked initially without worrying about reloading the ENTIRE PAGE over Again in the process. For Shame -_-.

A “Block Image” Context Menu Item, It would only make sense to have both as Complementarys.
The problem with “Block all Images from ...” is just that, All Images. Most of the time, I usually just find myself taking offense to just 1 or a few pictures from Any given site. It's impractical to block all pictures from an Entire picture hosting site, when we just want to block a couple of them from a specific page. Though it does come in handy for those add sites, Its just not as fulfilling as it CoUlD be. In fact, one would even consider its absence as a form of, Insult or Mockery even -_-.

A "View Image in New Tab" Context Menu Item, Um, Why isn't it there again?
:O, for cripes sake -_-, I bet I could probably code it in for you by just applying the appropriate cut and paste commands taken from the “Open in New Tab” Context Menu Item. Seriously, what's up with that? In fact, why isn't it even IN the Context Menu when you click it off of an Image o.O?

A “Don't Load Images” Option, and its Relevant Sub Parameters with Explicits to when/where Not to Load Images.
Why this? More like, WHY doesn't Firefox have THIS!? This Highly convenient Option would save minutes, perhaps even hours, of time! All the time one has to wait for a site to load, is Traumatically Reduced with this option! Combined with the above, Yet Currently Absent from Firefox for some Strange Reason >:|, mentioned and one could have a very desirable & convenient browsing Experience, the kind of experience one would gloat about ;), ;).)
5. Fix the Impractical fixations of not being able to edit(or at the very least directly copy through a context menu instruct) certain text fields in Firefox. I cannot find an applicably valid (or practical for that matter) reason of why Firefox prevents you from copying, or perhaps just mildly editing, certain text fields from within itself. It, for some Strange reason perhaps mockingly, does Highlight Text fields but Not even Keyboard instructs allow you to even copy the Highlighted text. That is a grieve inconvenience, one that should never have come into existence. This MUST be fixed; even the shear audacity of it all is unacceptable and is highly frowned upon by many. (Along side this Impractical Fixation of not being able to edit certain text fields in Firefox comes the fact that some essential context Menu Items are Missing/AWL from certain Objects in Firefox. Though there are reasons for certain absences applied to the certain respective Items, some don't have reasons at all for their absence; there appears to be some form of neglect in the overall structure of the Context Menu Items layout in General within Firefox itself, as I can not muster up any other reason why essential Items should Ever be missing from Any application and within the relevant sub Items thereof.)
6. Fix the Incomplete Structure of certain Components in Firefox. (Although The Components themselves are fully functional, they lack proper/appropriate structure/organization. For example, Horizontal Scrollbars are completely Absent from many of them and dragging/extending or moving the Detail Tabs to reveal the extra & perhaps Crucial information, as an inconvenient workaround mind you, is not possible along the lines thereof the same reason. It is truly ugly. Not only is it horrendously displayed, there is not a way to change or is even conveniently plausible to modify its appearance for a more desirable/stable, or workable for that matter, one.
I suspect that this may also be a Java Limitation; correct me if I am at all completely wrong, then provide the appropriate reasons with proof of why you would state that, then Try if you can to Defend the fact that it is absent from Firefox Knowing full well that you have in the process of proving me wrong contradicted yourself, should it be the case that I am at all wrong about my notions. For Cripes Sake, at least have the decency to put up a Tooltip as a workaround in the likely event that the text Extends far beyond the scope of the currently inadequate structure.)
7. Fix Firefox so that it's able to Explore through Local Files as a Practical File Browser, Not just limited to an Internet Browser. (Most of the Browsers I have come across have an inherent ability to function as a File Browsers In addition to their primary function as Internet Browsers. Currently, Firefox Falls Very Short of this ability to the point that it, practically, doesn't exist. Firefox 'can' browse through files on your system, but only in a couple of ways that aren't completely, Presentable/Displayable under File Browsing Convention/Standards.
IE & Windows Explorer share, or at least appear to share, many of the same components, which is possibly why both browsers can edit, display, delete, and modify local files in a convenient/familiar/conventional Interface. Konqueror is Directly used as both a File Browser And an Internet Browser. Both have their Advantages and Disadvantages about them, Namely, when and If in the event something in them crashes, what it will effect and how it will effect it. Since IE & Windows Explorer are Separate, IF IE Crashes, then Windows Explorer won't be effected by the crash, that much & vice-versa; to the point that Since they are both separate, they won't take each other down in the crash. Since Konqueror functions as both Internet and File Browser on KDE, If Konqueror Crashes, both Internet and File Displays will go down with it.
So, how/where does Firefox Fit into all this? Well, Unlike Konqueror, IE, Or Windows Explorer, Firefox has a Failsafe *which will on rare/repetitive occasions fail itself* which will recover itself after a Crash. So IF you were browsing with Firefox, Either in Internet or Local Mode, and it crashes you have the ability to recover Both your previous File Interface and your Internet Interface prior to the crash; Neither Konqueror Nor IE Nor Windows Explorer possess that ability. It would only make sense to browse Your Files using Firefox *Given that Firefox is Fixed to work utilizing rational & Appropriate CPU Resource Consumption/Occupation at the point of this Proposal's Implementation*. The only things that prevent that are a few crucial File Display and Manipulation Features Blatantly Absent from Firefox's 'current' 'File Browsing' Scheme. At this point, Firefox can only List Files on your System.
Quite Frankly, Firefox just lacks a File Browsing Interface is all, when Browsing Files on your system; Tiles, Sidebars, File Navigation, Highlighting and applying actions to many selected files, etc. Applying the appropriate Action to Allow the Integration of a File Browsing Interface using Firefox with the Proper File Browser Conventions Intact should suffice; without compromising Firefox's primary ability to Browse the Internet, of course.

Something along the lines of: Firefox Displaying a Given Address in File/Local Browsing Mode *Possibly with the ability to crossover, or in accordance, with the "Work Off line" Option* & Firefox Displaying a Given Address in Standard/Internet Browsing Mode should do nicely; Net Mode & File Mode Display Options, applicable to their respective locations as determined by the Given/Currently Displayed Address.
*Entered/Executed into the Address Bar* http://►Insert Relevant Here◄.►Insert Relevant Here◄.►Insert Relevant Here◄/
Firefox Displaying Page In Net Mode

*Entered/Executed into the Address Bar* C:\Programs\Mozilla_Firefox
Firefox Displaying Directory In File Mode)