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This IS My User Profile Right? Hope this is in the right place. IF Not, then Please Disregard Anything Irrelevant Herein.

First off, NiCe Call on Giving 'Somebody' your IP Address in an E-mail, Real Security Friendly ;). Ah, I Kid Though, Iv'e Seen Applications that can Find your 'REAL' Address Along with your IP So, I guess It's Not that Big a Deal :p.


Anyway, Back From the Dead as Some "Feared" In a Previously Active Forum, which is now Closed Indefinetaly as it were. There were those Loved and Hated on Me, Some even Admired me as a poet. And Now, I show Up here In a Wholehearted attempt to bring Further Enhancement to the Cause; While still throwing down some Constructive Crit of Course :).

Alright Second thing, This thing I see at the Bottom of the box In which I am Currently Typing:

"Please note that all contributions to MozillaWiki may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors. If you don't want your writing to be edited mercilessly, then don't submit it here. You are also promising us that you wrote this yourself, or copied it from a public domain or similar free resource (see Project:Copyrights for details). DO NOT SUBMIT COPYRIGHTED WORK WITHOUT PERMISSION!"

Noted, So, Why, Exactly?
I Know the Alteration Portion of what I quoted, Cause Rude People have done it before from a similar Base, But then, what would be the purpose of even Writing Anything if Malicious people►Who Fail to Justify a Definition of having a Life?◄ Could Mince Words to Decredit/Defame others? I gather this input based on the term "mercilessly" Used Above which I May have taken out of context a little. Then Again, the Fallow Uped ", then don't submit it here." reference does make me feel a little uneasy. Perhaps it's cause I'm speaking out of a previous bad Experience that I was Introduced to when I was on an Official Firefox Forum Many months back. I assure I don't want trouble So Don't come find it with me if your after a confrontation. As Long as everyones cool here, we won't have any problems. Course, I know NOT of the Conditions here So that's just a Heads Up. Why Do I Mention? It's actually quite Relevant to the Quote.

You See, People are afraid of the L word so they use quotes like that to arbitrate that it isn't there fault. That's all well and good for them, but it also means that if you get offended or in any form damaged by anything that happened in the confines of their presence, that they have no obligation to assist or comfort you, In fact, they may just do the contrary. So Bluntly stated, it's put there for their Protection, Not yours. That doesn't mean they Don't care, it just means they don't have to worry about what happens to you cause they gave you 'fair' warning. I understand that.

Again, I speak on behalf of a previously bad Experience I once had. So, Understand if I do appear out of line. Also Understand, That I don't intentionally offend anyone with what I am stating Herein or outside for that matter, It's just that its hard to Express myself Freely without worrying that some one out there is out to get me; as what I see as the Case, IMHO Rhetorically applied just to myself, in what I quoted.

Speaking of which, the Second part of the Second Part. All I Says, Is All I's Writes, So, no Worries here. BUT, In an Unlikely Event, I'll Throw this down:

The Writings Stated Herein are NOT Works of Anyone else, UNLESS otherwise Noted and to the extent of My Current State of Knowledge in the Time that It was Written. Any Similarities outside the Confines of this are Unintentional and Completely Coincidental, Again applied to the extent of My Current State of Knowledge in the Time that It was Written.

Of Course, the Crossover with the quote itself Would perplexly paradox it. Weird huh? Boy, I think too much over little things. So you KNOW YOUR in for a treat when I through down Ideas for the Cause. I Just hope to Everything that Nobody Messes me up in anyway.

*Sincerely Hopes Nobody Messes with His Work in any Negative Fashion.*

O.K. Now that I got THATs Out of the way, hopefully, back to Me :D. ▲

I Recently Made a Switch to Linux Due to Some Unresolvable Issues with my Computer. So Far, it's the little things that make me want to switch back to XP. But aside from that, It's Pretty, [Censor Bypass?]n. I am However very intrigued by what I heard from Puppy Linux. Haven't had time to check it but I'll get to it when I have some spare time. Right now, it's a struggle to get my NIC Working. I have possibly the WORST Configuration Scenario for WiFi Net Access. As a Complete Newb To Linux, I'm doing pretty dang well. Answered a bunch of my own questions every now and then Running Linux, though the tough ones need the attention of someone experience to get fixed; Such as, Clearing recent Entries off of some applications that don't get cleared with a global type of command instructs to delete all recent entries from all applications. All in all, it's Fun to work under Linux. Even when there are times you wish it could run some Windows things, Like Media By Default for Example; You Need to Load a Player if you Want Multimedia Playback Capability, It's taken for granted in the Windows world. But I Totally LOVE the fact that I can Customize Many Aspects of the Interface Very Easily. And the Structure, I see Now why they say that Linux is a stable OS.

When I think of Improvement I take these Considerations in Mind:

Remember, Some of the Best Ideas have already been thought of.
Unfortunately, Sometimes the best Ideas are Presented in an Ill Manner in which they were not intended, to carry the effect of a Great Idea. So, when an opportunity presents itself to Correct and Purify such a tainted Gem, Take it for all its worth, polish it up Very Nicely and display it to the world for them to admire for its true beauty combined with its own Radiance. For the Gem itself is quite precious, but it was the Polishing one did that really made it shine and stand out then it would have all its own, If anyone even bothered to consider Looking into it at all.

What is My Goal here?
To Assist in Enhancing Firefox so that No Other Alternate Browser User can Ridicule it for any shortcomings it has; Every now and then, theirs that 1 Bigot User that is looking for ways to dis Firefox and (If I can Help it; If the Developers will greatly Consider if not Comment on my Input for Implementation) I want to be one to CoRrEcT them in their Grave Errors of Underestimating Such a Fine and Highly Superior Browser(For Files, and Internet!). But in order for this to be accomplished, the Firefox Developers need to Eliminate these shortcomings Without Mitigation. Once these Shortcomings are Eliminated, these Bigots will be seen for the Inferiorly Low Creatures they are And we the Firefox Users shall once again, Take Back The Web!

I hate to sound like it's all me, Of Course It Isn't all me. In Fact, All I can offer and am Credited with are my Concepts for Features to Implement and that Need to be Implemented IF Firefox Doesn't want to be left behind other Browsers who Adhere to their Users Desires for a more Efficient, Productive, and Easy Browsing Experience. From what I Understand it, Firefox wants the Best And I can offer Assistance for that. That's why we are here, right? Now, What did Firefox Do in the past that made it so Successful? Simple, Take what the Other Browsers had to offer, add more ease of use, add more efficiency to it, Polish up a Desirable yet unattractive Traits, Wrap it in a pretty package, Add Great Community Support (Like, Right here), and Top it with (my favorite and perhaps yours) Customization Options. All that and one more thing: You don't have to pay ANYTHING to USE IT! No Undesired Commitment (Thats a nasty C word). So the only thing that could Ruin All that, is it's own Limitation/Shortcomings. It's So Near Perfection that it makes one consider taking matters into their own hands and do what ever in their power to get to that State of Perfection, Perceivable perfection anyways.
That is my Stand Here. But it means Nothing if Developers wont consider my Proposals, as Well as the other Desirable/Practical/Needed/Convenient Proposals Here that others have made. I'm Quite Jealous that I couldn't think of them before myself, and I'll let them know that.

*Notices he's still on an Ego Trip, :O*

Sorry bout that, I'm still under the Umbrella of this being my User page so if I sound out of line, now you know. And Hey, if you felt as Empowered as I feel, you'd Rant too. Perhaps you Already Have in the past? :)

O.K. Now, tryin' to get down now.
Now Here is what I would ultimately(though not specifically) want/Wish for Firefox3:

The Firefox3 Success Formula, As I Self-Proclaim it to be: Others May also agree :)▼

Konqueror Features(Including Being able to use it as a File AND Internet Browser with No Negative/Unwanted Effects), +
Desirable/Practical Maxthon Features, +
Only the Desirable IE 7 Features(Including no Lag time for Processing Pages Simultaneously and Instant Start up Time), +
Vista's(Very Pretty) Aero Theme, +
Vista's Convenient, though some badly incomplete, Features(Including that Awesome Preview Mini Window Thing), +
Implementation for Supporting a Download Manager AND(/or) Integrating Its own Download Procedures to Current Download Manager Standards/Specifications, +
Fixed Firefox Bugs with No Negative Effects caused, by and/or of, Regression, +
No Removal of Any Desirable/Attractive Features From Firefox2 When Transitioning/Transferring to Firefox3
Firefox3 Shear Dominance over all Other Current Browsers!(To My Immediate Knowledge, that is)

IF not, then Firefox3 = Disappointment of Magnitudes 5 to 7 = Still Pretty Good Browser, to Some Respects.

Right. That Said, I'm off again Looking over others Contributions so that I can be sure I don't repeat any of the other Feature Concepts stated by Others. As well as comment, Attempt to Clarify any Vague Entries of Interest I come across, and Add my own Inputs with Additional Relevant Items to go with the Entry. As of right now, I Am Currently:

Devastated ;_;, ;_;, ;_;, As well as Upset >:|, >:|, >:|, but overall Relieved -_-, -_-, -_- and soon to be Thrilled :D, :D, :D after my Previous Reviewing of this Wiki's Content.
It seems that I fell into a Bottomless Pit when I chose to Review the Tabs, Sidebar, Windows area listed on the main page of Brainstorming. I can't believe that somebody could have stated what I was about to suggest before I had a Chance to suggest it (Devastating). I even had to write a Speech about it I was so Jealous (Upset). My other feelings towards that situation are outlined in the speech so if your wondering, Stay tuned ;).
Ah, but I'm glad the whole thing is finally over and dealt with (Relieved) and Now, I can get back to what I came here to do (Thrilled). Just as Soon as I gather, Revise, Refine, and Recheck my writings for Consistency, Quality, Relevance, Redundancies, Etc so that they can be Displayed According and Appropriately. I just need to make a few adjustments here and there and hopefully, IF I can access a Computer again in a Timely matter. I'll have them ready to display Anywhere from Now Until Early January; Worse Case Scenario, January or possibly never due to a very unstable situation that tends to fallow me around (It's a wonder that I can even Have or Access this Account at all).

If you don't see any Contributions from me for a while it's because Either I am Refining them for Proper Display, Looking over others Concepts so that I don't repeat what was already stated, Contemplating New Concepts for Implementation, OR I can't for whatever reason get net access :).

Current Concepts I am Refining In order to Present to all at the Moment:

O.K. After Hours of Revising, Refining, and Reviewing I finally have something I am Content with to Present to you all; those that bothered to check this page that is ;).
It's an overview of of the Current Version of Firefox(2) and ways to improve upon it to meet current & User demanding standards(Popular Demand) when(hopefully) it transitions into Firefox3.

I have Painstakingly reviewed and touched upon the most important concerns of Firefox and am pleased to disclose them onto you in the hopes that the Developers will, if they already haven't planned too, take note and implement them to insure the success and future of Firefox!

I will point out a few notes though:

If it appears that I favor an alternative Browser, I am NOT! I am simply stating that the Browser has the 1 up on Firefox, in regards to the applicable trait that it possesses and that Firefox Lacks and/or falls short of Implementing said trait to an applicably desirable extent; I ♥ Ff, I just think that another browser may be better at, for example, displaying images better then Ff does. That doesn't mean I hate Ff, It just means that I don't ♥ it as much as I could. I want to ♥ Ff like I ♥, for example, being able to see pictures in forums. However, Ff doesn't show me ♥ and the pictures I want to see in said forums the way another browser does, so I can't really ♥ Ff in that department; But I Want to ♥ Ff in that department! and the only way to do that is if Ff shows me ♥ in that department. And that is why, I mention what I do, so that Ff can show me ♥ the way I would ♥ to see it. Besides, wouldn't you ♥ Ff more if it loaded/displayed pictures correctly every time the way a Browser is supposed too?*Notices Too Many Hearts above, Snaps back to write, 'normally'.*
If it appears that I use a demanding tone, It's cause I can't bare to see Firefox without, Decency. Decency in terms of User expectations; and I hold deep expectations for Firefox. I just want Firefox to have current conventional features that other(possibly, less deserving) browsers possess, so, badly. So if things appears out of line, please excuse.
If it appears that I am criticizing Firefox, it's only because I care. My intentions are to only criticize Firefox so that it can better itself; The Criticism I give is all Constructive and is to be treated as so. Please don't take offense ;_;, I don't mean to hurt Ff's Feelings. It's just that, when I hear others talk badly of it, I take offense to it and my defense towards that is constructive criticism. That, and I can't respect someone/something that doesn't take criticism and builds something productive/beneficial out of it. So understand my take on that.

Over all remember this when Reading anything I write:
I am _Neutrally(-)_Negative(Ø)_, and that means that I can be hurtful onto others at times, but I do it cause thats the kind of guy I am; I say things (-) I don't mean, yet I want to remain (Ø) about it so that the overall result remains (+) between us ;). It's in a sense poetic, so you possibly won't understand :p. Ah, but I'm done writing, for now :).

Without further a due, Here tis' :D▼

Linked elsewhere Due to Text Limit Overflow :O, ;)
(Feel free to check where it will take you IF you don't trust what you click.)

Stay Tuned for More ;).

What I'm Afraid of is being such an Ego Maniac.
But hay, At least I'm honest about it :).

And what I am Truly afraid of, Is that my Brilliance shall go
unseen/unimplemented/Unapproved by the Firefox Developers;
IF any/all of my Contributions aren't even Considered or Commented upon before the
Final/Stable Release of Firefox3, unless I Later figure out or see that it's Due to the fact that they have already been stated/Considered else ware by other/previous Contributors/Developers OR are Already Implemented in Firefox3, I would just Cry. ;_;. Wouldn't you?

Truly Hopes for the Good▼