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for discussion only!!!!

FAQ and Background

  1. goal - retroactively recognize old timers! and get some inactive old timers to re-energize!
  2. will be moved to an official wiki page Contribute/Conversion_points#Support ) when done!!!!!
  3. with regards to Tshirt it would be great to have a 1 Tshirt per area (1 tshirt per area per year would be excessive) not sure how realistic making 5 tshirts would be but it would be awesome!
  4. starting in 2009 was an arbitrary start time; should we start earlier? I say no because remembering will be difficult! and i doubt we have the data before 2009 but I could be wrong
  5. a total of 17 badges in 5 areas; I envision each area having a separate graphic with the appropriate year superimposed on top of the graphic
  6. Therefore a designer needs to design 5 SUMO bages bearing in mind that the year will be superimposed
  7. 2013 badges will be issued in early 2014
  8. the above is phase 1, in phase 2 is TBD but I would like to award algorthmic badges in real-time like web-dev (e.g. for web dev when a certain number of commits is done the badge is auto-issued by code for SUMO ; thinking out loud example maybe 5 approved KB edits causes a badge to be issued)
Functional Area Conversion Point #1 Conversion Point #2 Conversion Point #3 Conversion Point #4 Conversion #5
Support 10 non trivial, non spam KB English edits (1 KB badge per year starting in 2009; i.e. KB2009, KB2010, KB2011, KB2012) 10 Forum posts (1 Forum badge per year starting in 2009;i.e. Forum2009, Forum2010, Forum2011, Forum2012) 5 Livechats (1 badge Livechat badge per year starting in 2009, ending in 2012 i.e. Livechat2010, Livechat2011, Livechat2012 10 army of awesome tweets (starting in 2011 when army of awesome started 1 livechat badge per year i.e. AoA2011, AoA2012) L10N - 10 translation edits of KB OR 10 SUMO website translations i.e. L10N2009, L10N2010, L10N2011, L10N2012
Data source manually done using old tiki wiki & kitsune database, sumo team manually done using old tiki wiki & kitsune database, sumo team manually done:is this in a db? manually done using old tiki wiki & kitsune database, sumo team manually done using old tiki wiki & kitsune database, sumo team
Recognition T-shirt T-shirt T-shirt T-shirt T-shirt

Feedback from Madalina

Feedback from Rosana

  1. +1 !
  2. yay!
  3. We have the images from the creative team, that means that we already have images for each area, so making the T-shirts shouldn't be a problem :)
  4. it would be great to go back as far as possible
  5. +1
  6. +1
  7. can't we get anything earlier? it seems to far away, I'd love to recognize contributors earlier
  8. can't wait to see this!

Feedback from Michael

Maybe we don't need db dumps. Just start a contributor thread and brainstorm the list of contributors in each area starting with a list of 2012 contributors. Then issue one "vintage" badge per area covering all work prior to 2013.

Feedback from Michelle

Feedback from Ricky