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Rationalize menu items

[ This to be re-edited to add rational and arguements for, and to make it read nice later. Brainspew atm. Maybe the firefox usage tracking data/metrics could support or deny these ]

Firefox's menus, at the top in the browser and the right click context menu need reworked imo.

  • File > Open Location removed if URL bar is shown
  • File > Close Tab removed (already tab close [x] UI and middle click)
  • Fire > Send Link removed (does anyone use it? Firefox is a browser. Do ppl still use separate mail apps these days. Does it work with webmail?)
  • File > Import (only usually used once, then never used again.. shunt it to somewhere else)
  • Edit menus fine
  • View > Stop removed (Icon to click. Does anyone use this menu item?)
  • View > Reload removed (Icon to click. Does anyone use this menu item?)
  • Tools > Downloads moved to View > menu
  • Tools > Page Info moved to View > menu
  • Help > Release notes removed (really, how many times do you use this)
  • Help > Report Web Forgery removed (i thought firefox was for the average end user; most (all?) of which won't be able to tell a phishing site from the original. whilst this menu has added value in reporting such possible dodgy sites, only knowledgeable people will ever be able to tell the difference between a forged site and the legitimate one, so move this menu item somewhere else that such knowledgeable people will be able to find, without forcing it on your average Joe)

The context menu is far too long too. It should be used for things that are contextual, things that can't not be in a right click menu or things that are extremely common.

  • IMO back/forward/stop/reload should be removed. All browser windows should contain the navigation toolbar. No average users ever hide the buttons, and most don't use the right click context menu much either.
  • Save page as. Removed. Should use File > Save Page As
  • Send Link removed
  • View background image. wtf. remove.
  • View page source. Probably remove. If you want it, use View > Page Source from the browser's menu bar.
  • View page info. See above. Do normal end users actually use this?
  • Too many new items when right clicking on an image. Are they all really needed or used?
  • Set as desktop background? Noooooooo! Although this might be used my Joe Public a lot, so maybe it's worthy.

And probably some more, but i'll edit this later. ;)

I don't know where to put this... so I'm writing here. :-) There are a lot of actions that should be grouped by tag/context in a submenu instead of have a lot of thing splitted by a separator. Things like:

  • If you have a action to do with img, should be one and only one menu with and then its actions:
    • resize
    • reload
    • copy its location
    • view in new tab
    • ...
  • If it is an url
    • copy text
    • preview in frame
    • copy url...

and so on.

We can have a option hide if it's unused by a period of time (that we can set in some place). Or we can have menu editor integrated into Firefox.