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August 2014: Announced "software update"

MozillaWiki is going to update its MediaWiki software. At least they are staying with MediaWiki: so far so good.
But most skins will be scrapped. Only Vector (the new default, which I hate) and Monobook (which I detest only marginally less) will remain. New users won't be able to use anything else. Users who use something else (I use CologneBlue, which is not even mentioned in the News page about the change), will temporarily be allowed to keep their old skins, whose bugs (if any ;-) ) won't be fixed.

Some years ago did the same and I hated it. I don't hate it any less when it's Mozilla who does it; and of course the announcement comes (once more) too late to reverse the course of actions. — Tonymec (talk) 19:35, 10 August 2014 (PDT)