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  • lower the barriers to entry (have a path of quick success)
  • prevent vandalism
  • keep trust as the important factor in giving out permissions
  • make sure that the translations are properly licensed


P1 Registration process

  • require an account registration to submit content on verbatim.
    Get the following info:
    • email contact info
    • how you want to be listed on the contributor page(s) (optional)
    • show licensing information and what responsibilities you have in participating in translation work
  • link to team pages ( and/or how to get in touch with other contributors for the language
  • get back an e-mail message to verify account and reminder of responsibilities

P2 Four levels of permissions

  • a) just logged in users that have completed step 1
    • (can submit suggestions)
    • can change admin panel to use as the way to request additional privs for a particular locale
    • can add/modify/remove yourself from the contributors list (option to use user name, or full name or what ever you want) -- ask for full display name and Family name. sort by family name -- as Mozilla credits page does.
  • b) new localizers
    • (can review suggestions, translate, commit for a specific locale)
  • c) locale module owners
    • (can review suggestions, translate, commit, give "B" permission to other registered users for a specific locale)
  • d) admins
    • (for maintainers, like Kadir, or stas; can grant all permission for a locales)

P2 when new permissions are granted

  • log the event
  • send e-mail to the grantee to inform them of additional responsibility.
  • additional responsibility requires no new committer or other agreement.

How recognition works:

  • P1: a) Have a central credits page on Verbatim, that lists all (650+) contributors (everyone who has an account gets to be on that page) (acceptable)


  • b) have an API to retrieve specific contributors to any site, and show that more smaller list as the contributors for the site. (preferred) - need to figure out threshold for this kind of recognition.