Verbatim/Weekly Update/2009-07-09

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Meeting Details

  • 9:00 AM Mountain View Time (UTC -7)
  • 650-903-0800 x92 Conf# 227 (US/INTL)
  • #Verbatim for backchannel
  • (notetaker: Fred)


Seth, Gandalf, Fred


  • Quick roundtable
  • Pootle roadmap
    • should we ask Alaa to join next week's meeting?
  • Preliminary Q3 goals:
    • July
      • Verbatim --> AMO / SUMO
      • Client tool research (More details from Seth?)
    • August
      • Find weak points in Verbatim UI and get fixes on their way
      • Plan and design beta support for Firefox (discuss at l10n meetup?)
  • l10n meetup goals


  • wenzel
    • Got staging instance back up, had problems with LDAP. LDAP login possible again, but no local user data is stored/present automatically. Filed Pootle bug 1024 about it with no comments yet, planning on asking clouserw for advice.
    • Working on hooking up AMO again (bug 502896): Found existing Python scripts on sm-cms01, will reuse/fix them and track them in SVN.
  • gandalf
    • Consider switching LDAP to LDAPS?
    • Assign bugs
    • Failed to get Remora working locally :(


  • Fred asked Pootle guys for SVN write access for e-gandalf and fwenzel,
  • Seth asked about Pootle roadmap
    • need further info on goals of next Pootle release
  • Goals discussion:
    • product localization not a big problem, every localizer likes it
    • bigger problem: websites etc.
    • Can we create a tool to make it easier?
    • Product localization works well -- better direction seems to be improving website l10n
    • "Crowd-sourcing" l10n: single string localization on mobile devices?
    • Central goals:
      • Provide better tools for localizing all of Mozilla's web assets in a sustainable and community-driven way.
      • Make a "one-stop shop" for l10n of Mozilla websites
      • Make it easy for people to sign up and start localizing
      • Allow l10n communities to switch on/off products to be localized online.
      • Making it easier for people to localize and actually get this into the tree.
    • Order of goals:
      • AMO, SUMO
      • Other websites
      • tie different tools together (narro, pootle, one-stop-shop)
    • l10n.m.o page (like QMO etc.)

To do

  • Will keep "old" bugs around until we can decide if they have been fixed or are still valid.
  • Assign new bugs to gandalf and Fred
    • AMO -> Fred
    • SUMO -> gandalf
    • AMO .po file migration to msgctext -> gandalf
    • LDAP fixes -> Fred
  • Seth will ask one of the Pootle guys to join the meeting next week to discuss goals
    • Next week's meeting may be any time between 6-9am Pacific depending on Pootle guys' schedule
  • Fred: Will need to refine Q3 goals together with Morgamic. (see above). If necessary, will schedule a meeting to discuss these again.