Verbatim/Weekly Update/2009-08-13

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Meeting Details


Seth, Gandalf, Fred


  • AMO is hooked. SUMO is coming. Need to not have mono-po hooks
  • Access Rights
    • Login will create a new account but that account will not have rights
  • Gandalf will place SUMO on cms
    • Plan: Open to webdev and l10n-drivers, then open to a test-bed of localizers
  • Gandalf will work on SUMO hacking this week
  • URL name?
    • Django and PHP apps might not have to live well in a directory
    • Seth will ask IT about naming
  • Schedule
    • Gandalf will migrate SUMO to cms this week?
    • Fred/Gandalf will look at the AMO switch tag
  • Can Pootle theoretically run in a sub-directory? Yes.


  • Quarterly goals going forward
    • extension localization support
    • HTML support