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Verbatim » Development Refresh

The following links back to the file types that need review.

List of features planned for Verbatim refresh

  • https:// support
  • Review LDAP implementation
  • UI review and major elements to be enhanced
    • Ability to visually present strings and entities missing and where
  • AMO support
  • SUMO support


  • Dev leads (Fred Wenzel and Zbigniew Braniecki)
  • Dev backup (Wil Clouser and Jeremy Hiatt, Mozilla l10n intern)
  • Code review (Wil Clouser)
  • Pootle review (Friedel Wolf and Walter Leibbrandt)

Overall goal of this release

  • Regenerate support for AMO and SUMO interface localization

Initial time-line

  • Free hacking
  • Freezes
  • Release
  • l10n work week Aug 3-7, 2009

Any external dependencies

  • Translate Toolkit
    • Wil has a trunk copy going
    • Fred and Gandalf should get a developer instance up and running
  • AMO and SUMO dev leads
    • AMO would be Fred and Wil
    • SUMO would be Laura