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Session Title

Version Control System Shootout Extravaganza

Session Leader

Preed, Vlad, Rhelmer


Lock everyone in a room and finally decide a) If we're switching version control systems, and b) the plan for switching

The goal is to not leave until b) is decided (assuming a) is true; if it's not, this will be a short meeting!)


  • Kick people out who haven't reviewed the original requirements :-)
  • Review the revision control systems we've prototyped (This implies that there's been some minimal level of investigation on the system done, i.e. an import of the current CVS tree)
    • SVN (Note: the SVN team have provided responses to the original requirements)
    • Hg
  • A deathmatch until we've reached a decision. Will be broadcast on pay-per-view. Proceeds to go to the Foundation. (I kid, I kid...)


See [1] and [2]

Interested Attendees

If you want to join the phone conference for this meeting, join #vcs-shootout on IRC

Please add your name here if you're likely to attend this session, this will help prioritize sessions and minimize conflicts.