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Mozilla uses a video conferencing system for meetings called Vidyo. This system requires that you install a (free) client application in order to start or join a meeting.

Getting the Vidyo client

Use one of the following links to download and install the Vidyo client:

Joining a meeting

The process for joining a meeting depends on the type of access you have to Vidyo.

If you have a Mozilla LDAP login (typically, only employees or contractors), you can join a meeting in any "room" by finding the name in the Vidyo client, and clicking Connect to <room name>.

If you do not have LDAP access, ask the organizer of the meeting for a guest URL. When you click the link for the URL, if you have the Vidyo client already installed, it is automatically started and connected to the Vidyo room. If you do not have the client installed, you are shown a page where you can download it.

Creating a guest URL

Non-LDAP users can take part in Vidyo meetings using a guest URL. URLs can be to the room itself, for full participation (recommended) or a webcast version for viewing only.

To create a guest URL for a Vidyo room, you must be the owner or admin of that room. All LDAP users are the owner of their personal rooms. For team rooms, if you see extra controls for the room, similar to your personal room, then you are the room owner. If you are not the room owner, you can see who is, in the "Room Owner" field when you click on the room name. (There is also a list of room owners in Mana.)

To generate a guest URL:

  1. Open the Vidyo Desktop client and login.
  2. Click on the name of the room (which is your own name for a personal room).
  3. In the menu that pops up, click the "..." icon for "Room Settings".
  4. In the Room Details window, you can create or change either the "Room Link" (for full participation) or "Webcast Link" (for view-only mode).
  5. You can also create a PIN to restrict access to the room; do this only if you want to ensure that uninvited people can't join. Creating or changing a PIN changes the link URL.
  6. Copy the link (and PIN if you're using one).
  7. Send them to potential participants.

Note that clicking Save in the Room Details window is not necessary to persist the link URL(s).

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