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  • SMS
    • Got SMS object, with uuid
    • Support for delete
    • All works on android
    • Missing get, possibly next week
  • USB
    • Still working on windows impl
    • Device identifying API on windows is tricky
    • Rough details added to wiki
  • Telephony
    • Spec in wiki
    • DOM stuff mostly ready
    • Starting backend this week
  • B2G platform
    • Anything that works on android works on B2G now
    • Java APIs will get removed
    • You can give it a HTML page that it'll use as home screen
  • Web Vibrator
    • There are patches, but they need some work
    • If someone wants to take them to the finish line, go ahead
  • Camera
    • 2 main use cases, 1 other
      1. most effort, hardest: streaming video
        • whole team working on that WebRTC
        • connectivity (firewall workarounds), streaming (changing bandwidth conditions)
        • no ETA
      2. still image, upload to web page
        • need to find someone to do this
        • sicking has API ideas
        • need cross platform code to read from cameras (WebRTC has this, need to separate out from 1 above)
        • basically <input type="file"> with UI button to take picture
        • blizzard working on finding someone to do this
        • might be working on fennec already (fabrice working on this?), just need desktop owner
      3. no effort yet, taking short video clips
        • important? need to determine if anyone cares
        • which encoding format? flame on!
    • khuey had some code for this a year ago, not sure if that is what WebRTC is using or not.
    • anant is maybe best contact? (related to Labs Rainbow project)