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Meeting Notes

  • WebSMS
    • Did some revisions to spec for the delete method, implemented these changes
    • GetMessage fully implemented with request object
    • GetMessages next
    • Testing
      • Testing is currently done by actually sending messages
      • For receiving messages we can command-line util which can fake an incoming message
      • We can probably use libril to fake a network deamon and that way hook into the lowest level. Libril is used for both phone and SMS so should let us test both.
      • This will only work on B2G, not android
      • Kyle will be working with libril in the comming week
      • On android, hook in as low as possible. Won't be perfect, but will allow us to test the DOM code.
      • Could add just an interface to production code. Implement that interface using an addon installed during testing
  • WebTelephony
    • Have a fake UI
    • Have DOM part (API frontend)
    • Working on fake faux-phone backend as to be able to test anything
    • faux-phone needed to actually implement phone backend
  • Filesystem
    • No status update
  • Battery/Network connectivity
    • Will start working with W3C on standard very quickly. Likely won't need to do lots of experimenting since they are simple
  • Camera
    • Fabrice working on implementation for firefox mobile
    • Code is ready for taking still pictures, waiting for review
    • Should land for Firefox 9
  • OpenWebApps
    • Waiting for XPConnect refactor that bholley is working on. Waiting for reviews
    • Other patches also waiting for review
    • Pages will be able to install/launch/list/check-if-installed webapps (see API at https://developer.mozilla.org/en/OpenWebApps/The_JavaScript_API)
    • No UI exposing installed apps yet. Idea is that pages themselves can create dashboards