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  • WebSMS
    • GetMessages finished
    • Last part of API, so initial impl finished
    • Needs cleanup and tests still
  • WebUSB
    • Little progress on windows side with previous approach of using windows 7 usb device redirection API - turns out API is not actually intended for use from user mode applications
    • Need to write a kernel mode USB filter driver in order to properly enumerate devices and replace their drivers at runtime. Few working examples of this available in the wild as open-source, and documentation is not great.
    • May still be possible to use the Microsoft user-mode USB stack for actual device interaction and only rely on our custom driver for enumeration and driver installation.
  • WebTelephony
    • Have test-phone extension written. Pretends to implement a phone which can be used for testing
    • For B2G we now have access to the radio.
    • Soon will have access to push and receive events.
  • QA
    • John Hammink will help us on the testing side.
  • Filesystem
    • Lots of progress
  • Battery
    • Have a API proposal different from DAPs proposal
    • Have an implementation of our suggested API for android
    • Mounir can look at linux too, need help for other platforms
  • Network connectivity
    • No-one has started working on this yet
    • W3C has set up a task force which we will join
  • Camera
    • has landed on Android but is currently pref'd off
  • Security Model
    • We're starting to formulate initial thoughts for what the security model will look like
    • addons.mozilla.org will soon support installing OWA apps. Hopefully we can use that as platform to enable experimental installable apps which have access to sensitive APIs.