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Meeting notes

  • WebSMS
    • Next steps are cleaning code + tweaks for updated spec + tests
  • WebUSB
    • For windows the best path is to write a small filter driver. Might be open-source ones we can use.
    • Oracle has a filter driver for virtual-box
    • Would need signing from microsoft for warning-less experice. For now we might be able to simply have a warning pop up when WebUSB api is used.
  • WebTelephony
    • Kyle has been working on state machine for talking to B2G radio
    • Packet format basically figured out
    • We're getting incomming messages. Outgoing
    • Ben is writing a component to be used for testing which emulates radio events
    • First tests have been written
  • Microphone
    • External contributors has submitted patches to github
  • "FileSystem"
    • Have initial patch, but needs work.
    • Supports atomic add/remove of files
    • If a file is added multiple times, we refcount rather than copy which saves disk churn and quota
  • Network connectivity
    • The B2G people are working on wifi stuff.
    • Need to talk to them and come up with API
    • W3C has started a task force which we have joined
  • Battery
    • Android implementation works
    • Working on linux implementation
    • Sent feedback to W3C proposing our API
  • Still-picture Camera
    • Working on UI
  • QA
    • Would be helpful to put names next to APIs in wiki so qa knows who to reach out to.
    • We'll need manual testing for "last-mile" parts, like making sure that outgoing phonecalls actually reach other phones. Put these in litmus.