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Meeting Notes

  • WebTelephony
    • API needs error handling
  • WebSMS
    • Still needs a database backend for B2G
    • Firing success/error is failing in B2G
    • Gaia app should stop blocking while a message is being sent
    • Should switch to using DOMRequest interface if not more
  • Network Information API
    • Linux backend review should be coming up soon
    • Mounir updated W3C draft
  • Remote Events
    • Services team is working on remote events
    • Have draft API
    • Devs have expressed dislike for DOMRequest API
  • Contacts API
    • Gregor is working on migrating to DOMReqeuest API
    • Tantek and Jonas discussion set of fields to expose on Contact object
  • Screen Orientation
    • Spec might move to WebApps WG
    • Basic event waiting for review
    • Need backend work in order to get screen orientation happening on b2g at all
  • Media Storage APIs
    • Still discussing spec
  • Bluetooth
    • Coming along with implementation!
    • Need to figure out which platforms we need this on. Only B2G need it for things like headsets/keyboards.
  • Settings API
    • Discussions happening regarding API on list.
  • QA
    • Have been mostly testing Telephony and SMS in conjunction with B2G
    • Currently to begin maintaining/triaging bugs (both gaia and gonk) in B2G project. Focus is on MWC demo