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  • Idle API
  • Screen Orientation
  • Web Activities
  • Test Automation
  • DeviceStorage API
  • Reviews
  • Contacts API

Meeting Notes

  • Idle API Progress:
    • Completed and uploaded for a review by Bent.
    • Uploaded to try server. Orange tree to be fixed.
    • Will execute individual tests locally.
    • Received the String Encoder/Decoder API wiki page.
    • Am currently looking at the description.
  • Mounir:
    • Screen Orientation API should be ready on Aurora (Firefox 14)
    • New ideas for Web Activities
    • Ready to work on an API for VKB
    • Lot of reviews
    • Hardware issues with laptop :(
  • mdas:
    • Automation is still off since emulators are still busted. It's been busted for 2 weeks, but it's slowly shaping up.
    • need to catch up with sensor API devs so we can send test data to the sensors
  • DougT
    • Blocked on reviews for Device Proximity, Light.
    • Working on Device Storage
      • met with Gaia team to discuss API. Few changes required
  • BenT
    • No update
    • Working on review queue. Promised beer to DougT if he doesn't get them done by Friday
  • Tantek
    • Processing various ContactsAPI feature requests - bug 746066 for details
    • Documenting methodology for adding new fields/features.