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  • Jonas
  • Jan
  • Mounir
  • Doug
  • Paul
  • Bonnie
  • Malini
  • Geo
  • Kyle M.
  • Philikon
  • Kyle H.
  • Round table / open discussion

Meeting Minutes


  • We're getting a better idea for how trusted apps will work. I'll write a detailed post to the webapi list.
    • CSP policy will not be there for the ceritified apps we've written so far
  • Reviewed Push and Alarm APIs
  • Reviewed patches to "finish" and unprefix IndexedDB



  • Working on the security model
  • r/sr for Web Activities, Alarm API, Time API and System Message
  • misc


    • Continuing to revise onchange notifications at xpcom and dom
    • Looking into error handling in DeviceStorage

Bonnie: Idle API

  • Follow ups to landed patch done. Will upload for review.
  • Have some fuzz time security questions for Jonas
  • Need to address Justin's points
  • Need to talk to Olli about system wide idle/active notification.
  • String enc / dec now blocking another bug.

Kyle (qDot)

    • Bluetooth work continues
    • Stacking bugs, blocked on review of bug 740744
    • Have 3 bugs stacked for review on top of that, may be shifting to mrbkap for reviews since bent on vacation


    • Browser API, bug 749374. Lots of small fixes; see the metabug. Next big fix is probably link targets.
    • In-process browser-frames create new bugs; not clear yet how may we need to fix.
    • Clearing cookies, etc is a requested feature, but I don't think it's a P1 compared to the correctness issues we face at the moment.


    • jlebar - Should the Idle API be exposed to unprivileged pages? I'll post to the mailing list.