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  • Jonas
  • Jan
  • Doug
  • Paul
  • Bonnie
  • Malini
  • Mounir
  • Geo
  • Ben
  • Justin
  • Round table / open discussion
    • Welcome Andrea!
    • Q3 team goals

Meeting Minutes


  • coordinating security model
    • long post sent to lists
    • lots of bugs filed
    • catching up on reviews


  • quota manager
  • unlikely to be finished next week



  • xpcom layer of onchange notifications under platform-specific review
  • wrote prototype for device storage error strings change


  • bfcache test
  • Indirect active notification (active notification with fuzz) bug 772316, will work on this alongside the string enc/dec
  • Will start string enc/dec once done with bfcache test


  • emulator bustage now fixed
  • tests running again, bugs filed for failing tests


  • Unprefixed Battery and Vibrator APIs.
  • Security Model
    • mini-work week for that next week


  • Did another more or less final round of reprioritization w/ overholt. Most privileged APIs have been bumped nearer bottom.
  • Updating test plan to reflect new priority as well as a few more details re: privilege, delivery that affect prioritization. https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/QA/WebAPI_Test_Plan
  • Onboarding other QA members to WebAPI project. Martijn starting on Vibration (speak with jlebar), David Clarke working on Device Storage (speak with Doug Turner)
  • In addition to above, will be opening conversations this week with devs for WebActivities and Alarm re: testing. (Gene Lian has been doing this work)


  • back from vacation, declaring bugmail bankruptcy
  • working on reviews
  • blob stuff for Message Manager mostly done


  • lots of work on browser API and B2G browser app
  • B2G memory profiling on hold until more apps running out of process
  • pushing for PM re-triage of "clear-private-data / restrict cookies"


  • Socket implementation work for Bluetooth
  • Learning about the cycle collector
  • Proof of Concept work pretty much done, now just trying to get everything geckoized and landed

Round table / open discussion