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Browser Element & API

This is a proposal for a Browser API and a new HTML element called "<browser>" or "<webview>", which is similar to an iframe but allows the implementation of a fully featured web browser as a web app.

This feature is being tracked by the meta-bug bug 693515 (alias browser-api).

This is similar to the XUL browser element.



Note: Please find the current document on MDN https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/WebAPI/Browser
Name Priority Bug Status
Name Priority Bug Status
go not started
stop P1 bug 709759 [IMPLEMENTED]
reload P2 bug 741717 [IMPLEMENTED]
go{Back,Forward}, canGo{Back,Forward} P2 bug 741755 [IMPLEMENTED]
getScreenshot P1 bug 753595 [IMPLEMENTED]
getContentDimensions bug 757859 [IMPLEMENTED]
setVisible bug 702880, bug 762939 [IMPLEMENTED]
Name Priority Bug Status
loadstart P1 [IMPLEMENTED]
loadend P1 [IMPLEMENTED]
loadprogress not started
locationchange P1 [IMPLEMENTED]
titlechange P1 [IMPLEMENTED]
iconchange P1 bug 719461 [IMPLEMENTED]
alert/prompt/confirm P1 bug 741587 [IMPLEMENTED]
open P1 bug 742944 [IMPLEMENTED]
close P1 bug 757182 [IMPLEMENTED]
securitychange P1 bug 763694 [IMPLEMENTED]
contextmenu P1 bug 756371 [IMPLEMENTED]
error bug 768842 [IMPLEMENTED]
error:fatal bug 766437 [IMPLEMENTED]
scroll P1 bug 770847 [IMPLEMENTED]
Other Related Features (not all necessarily part of Browser API)
Name Priority Bug Status
Process separation P1 bug 714861 [IMPLEMENTED]
Framebusting protection P1 bug 771273 [IMPLEMENTED]
Touch pan & zoom P1 bug 745136 [IMPLEMENTED]
<meta name="viewport"> tags P2 bug 746502 [IMPLEMENTED]
target=_blank/_top P2 bug 769254 [IMPLEMENTED]
Permissions prompts P1 [IMPLEMENTED]
Clear private data P1 [IMPLEMENTED]
Turn cookies on/off not started
<select> popups P1 bug 759511 [IMPLEMENTED]

Example implementation

This is a minimal implementation of a browser. When it's complete, it will exercise the full surface area of the API.

This code is completely untested at the moment.


 <div><span id='location-bar'></span> <button onclick='go_button_clicked()'>Go</button></div>
 <div id='load-status'></div>
 <div id='security-status'></div>
 <img id='favicon'>
 <div id='title'></div>
 <iframe mozbrowser id='browser'></iframe>


 function $(id) {
   return document.getElementById(id);
 let iframe = $('browser');
 iframe.addEventListener('mozbrowserloadstart', function(e) {
   $('load-status').innerText = 'loading...';
 iframe.addEventListener('mozbrowserloadend', function(e) {
   $('load-status').innerText = 'done loading';
 iframe.addEventListener('mozbrowserlocationchange', function(e) {
   $('location-bar').innerText = e.detail;
 iframe.addEventListener('mozbrowsertitlechange', function(e) {
   $('title').innerText = e.detail;
 iframe.addEventListener('mozbrowsericonchange', function(e) {
   $('favicon').src = e.detail;
 iframe.addEventListener('mozbrowsersecuritychange', function(e) {
   // 'secure', 'insecure', or 'broken'.  'broken' indicates mixed content.
   $('security-status').innerText = e.detail.state;
   // There's also e.detail.extendedValidation (boolean), but this will be
   // false until bug 764496 is fixed.
 iframe.addEventListener('mozbrowsercontextmenu', function(e) {
   // TODO
 iframe.addEventListener('mozbrowsererror', function(e) {
   switch (e.detail.type) {
   case 'other':
     // Something has gone wrong -- we're probably displaying a Gecko error
     // page, e.g. "no network connection" or "invalid SSL cert".  You
     // probably don't need to do anything here.
   case 'fatal':
     // The tab crashed.  Not implemented yet; see bug 766437.
 iframe.addEventListener('mozbrowserkeyevent', function(e) {
   // TODO.  You probably don't care about this event.
 iframe.addEventListener('mozbrowsershowmodalprompt', function(e) {
   // TODO
 iframe.addEventListener('mozbrowseropenwindow', function(e) {
   // TODO
 iframe.addEventListener('mozbrowserclose', function() {
   // This is really only meaningful for popup windows.
 function go_button_clicked() {
   iframe.src = $('location-bar').value;
 // TODO:
 //   * getCanGoBack
 //   * getCanGoForward
 //   * goBack
 //   * goForward
 //   * setVisible
 //   * getScreenshot

Draft Specification

Other browser vendors have implementations of a similar API (e.g. Chrome). An early draft proposal for a standardised <webview> element and associated API can be found here. Please provide feedback in the issue tracker here.