WebAPI/PresentationAPI/Meeting Minutes 20151208

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Current progress in W3C

  • working draft, going to proposed recommendation
    • gathering test cases for spec
  • setup task force in Second Screen CG for interoperable 2-UA protocol

Current progress in Gecko

  • Firefox OS
    • 2-UA
      • receiver: able to launch app with “presentation” permission, the architecture of launching HTTP page in Gaia system needs to be defined, whether launched page need browser chrome UI or not. It'll affect the gecko implementation as well. [Action item #1]
      • sender: device selection UI on phone is under development, will be landed soon (bug 1161440).
    • 1-UA
  • Firefox for Android
    • Firefox OS video sharing integration is under development (bug 1129785)
    • Add-on for integrating other Firefox OS TV seamless experience (open URL, bug 1187845)
  • Firefox
    • mDNS now enabled on OS X
    • mDNS support on Windows and Linux is under investigation
      • Windows 10 has built-in mDNS service
      • Linux has Avahi support
  • Interoperability
    • our current protocol is shared with Samsung for prototyping (Tizen TV as receiver, Samsung Android browser as sender)


  • Shipping criteria
    • for receiver type of product:
      • do we need app launching policy or just allow all requests?
        • [conclusion] leave the decision to each device protocol, e.g. device in LAN is consider trusted in default but device via Internet is not.
      • Use browser as a receiver?
        • [conclusion] not doing it now because no valid / must-have user scenario for browser now.
    • for sender type of product
      • need UI/UX for device selection UI on Firefox / Fennec [Action Item #2]
    • how to measure and reduce the power consumption?
      • Doesn't aware of any power measurement tool for desktop browser.
      • Fennec initiate power reduction task force recently.
      • Seek advice to related engineering team for the tool and debugging techniques. [Action Item #3]
    • Interoperability
      • do we need to wait until an open standard control protocol is defined?
        • probably not, but need to consult necko team about the how we deprecate old protocol. [Action Item #4]
      • Google is going to support Presentation API over Chromecast, how do we support it?
        • the protocol of chromecast is proprietary so no open source implementation we can use.
        • Support it via add-on created by Google should be the best way. Need to double check the feasibility in our current design. [Action Item #5]