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left telefonica

   nsm to test chat application
   wasn't clear when they left what the chat does.
       after channel id what is supposed to work
           registration fails.
               connect via jabber for actual comms.

broadcast and desktop

   pushing for v.next
   requires privacy review
       TEF can build app on top of thialfi
       TEF could build server ontop of existing

TEF agrees that they can build a js lib to allow funcs to have that function.

   half-baked solution.
       would work, but would force app devs to use hack. want long term solution.
       other devices have this function, why don't we?
   Looking to integrate client into ff 22
   moz does something similar to desk notifications in other products.
       CM/ notification/ etc. (are those suitable? long delay and not targeted to individuals)
   Req. TEF: why websockets vs. rest 
       what issues really are
           because lowers the number of admin messages
           can't send multiple messages 
               need handset to reply
           reduce the amount of traffic in network.
               reduce data cost
               change protocol to binary (reduce the footprint as much as possible)
   Eduardo Cuerrra(sp?) needs to update spec to latest W3C.
       spoke about push spec to w3c,
           Eduardo to edit new spec?
           TEF driving protocol spec?
               Eduardo is acting as editor for the spec and presenting to W3C. Need to make sure that this is vendor independant.