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We are working on getting Marionette to 1.0 status. This will give us parity with WebDriver and allow users, and the Selenium project, to stop using FirefoxDriver. To do this we need to implement the following missing features. NOTE: This list is live and will regularly be changing.

Full Query
ID Priority Summary Assigned to Status
941085 P1 File uploads support Andreas Tolfsen ❲:ato❳ RESOLVED
1103196 P1 Support for untrusted/self-signed TLS certificates Andreas Tolfsen ❲:ato❳ VERIFIED
1107706 P1 Refactor server by introducing a more expressive internal architecture Andreas Tolfsen ❲:ato❳ RESOLVED
1123506 P1 Evaluate scripts in content with lasting side-effects Andreas Tolfsen ❲:ato❳ RESOLVED
906712 P1 implement tab modal dialog handling for desktop with Marionette (alert, confirm, prompt) Chris Manchester (limited bugmail, email directly) RESOLVED
1090925 P1 Add keyboard support to actions Chris Manchester (limited bugmail, email directly) RESOLVED
1097705 P1 Add ability to right or middle click an element Chris Manchester (limited bugmail, email directly) RESOLVED
1118825 P1 None value in script_args for execute_script() should not raise an exception Chris Manchester (limited bugmail, email directly) VERIFIED
1129702 P1 Add support for doubleclicking to marionette's actions Chris Manchester (limited bugmail, email directly) RESOLVED
1070307 P1 when using findElements we dont return a dict with key ELEMENT like we do on findElement David Burns :automatedtester RESOLVED
1118201 P1 Update gaia imports to check if it has marionette_driver package, if not use marionette still David Burns :automatedtester RESOLVED
976807 P1 newSession should create a new browser instance James Graham [:jgraham] RESOLVED
985207 P1 getTitle should return the top level browsing context title Josh Grant :joshin4colours RESOLVED
825961 P1 see if we can remove the need for wrappedJSObject RESOLVED
945729 P2 Replace status codes with string based messages Andreas Tolfsen ❲:ato❳ RESOLVED
1084125 -- Have marionette check the capabilities and error if not supported David Burns :automatedtester RESOLVED
1113554 -- Have capabilities return which type of user inputs it has access to David Burns :automatedtester RESOLVED
1165449 -- Implement support for setting proxy in marionette via capabilities David Burns :automatedtester RESOLVED
1189749 -- fullScreen has not been implemented David Burns :automatedtester RESOLVED
1112913 -- Screenshots should return only the view port Julien Pagès (:parkouss) RESOLVED
1112910 -- Release marionette-httpd executable James Graham [:jgraham] RESOLVED
787203 -- Get marionette working on Fennec Maja Frydrychowicz :impossibus (was :maja_zf) (needinfo me) RESOLVED
1294427 -- Marionette Fennec fails to get the external files for testing Maja Frydrychowicz :impossibus (was :maja_zf) (needinfo me) RESOLVED
721859 -- [meta] Add complete WebDriver support NEW
1112905 -- [Meta] Create and release executable that allows webdriver compatible clients to speak to marionette RESOLVED
1113305 -- Stacktraces should be marshaled to match WebDriver protocol RESOLVED
1113373 -- Marionette Screenshot needs to return viewport as the default RESOLVED
1192103 -- Ill-Formed Xpath Expression Crashes Firefox Using Marionette RESOLVED
1195157 -- Marionette Screenshot Functions with Wires is hanging Firefox RESOLVED

29 Total; 1 Open (3.45%); 26 Resolved (89.66%); 2 Verified (6.9%);

Good First Bugs

Want to get started on Marionette but don't know where to begin? The following set of bugs will help you learn the ropes and would greatly help us reach our goal!

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0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);