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You want to request a new API for WebExtensions?

Great. But please read through the following before filing a bug:

  • If you are migrating your add-on to WebExtensions, please check this page to see if all the APIs you need are already available.
  • If you don't find what you need, please check the list of approved APIs and add yourself to the bug that applies to you to track its progress.
  • Join the dev-addons mailing list to find out when the next API triage is scheduled and which APIs are on the agenda so you can follow along or provide input.

If none of these options address your situation, consider filing an API request. Before you do, please keep in mind:

  • New API must meet the guidelines outlined the WebExtensions API Policy. Please review it.
  • We do try to review all incoming API requests, but it takes time, so please be patient.
  • Do a search to see if the bug exists already.
  • Still want to file a new API? You can do so here.

Goals are set out in the vision document.