Not quite a quine.

Webdev is a loosely affiliated group of developers across the Mozilla Project who make web sites and services. We make the inter-tubes happen by working on servers, clients and services.

Why Webdev?

Mozilla is known for making Firefox, but it turns out we also make a ton of websites, web services, etc. There is no one team that handles all of this; there are contributors in every area of the community, paid staff and volunteers, who all do something that could be considered "Web Development". There's a lot of good reasons for having a Webdev group, from supporting contribution to knowledge-sharing.

How can I join?

There's no criteria for joining Webdev, but you can (and should!) introduce yourself or ask a question via any of our communication channels:


What does Webdev do?

So we have a group. But what do we do?


People in the Webdev group work on a lot of Mozilla websites, such as:


We also maintain a bunch of libraries to make web development easier. A few examples include:


We also host a few regular events / meetings to share news and cool projects:

  • The Webdev Extavaganza, a monthly meeting to share news about web development across the Project.
  • Beer and Tell, a monthly meeting to show off side-projects you've been working on (beer optional).

Events Calendar


The world would be a darker place without documentation. We try to maintain documentation to help uphold common standards of quality and document things common to every group in Webdev:

Spread the word!

We like sharing info with the rest of the world, and like getting feedback from the rest of the world too! That's why we run a few broadcast channels for talking about what we do:

How can I help?

If you're interested in helping the Webdev group out, there's tons of things you can do:

If you're not sure what to do, send us an email and tell us about yourself and what you might be interested in. We're happy to help!

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