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Changes to current websites

  • Treat people differently based on browser or other things
    • Offer FF users addons on mozilla.com
  • Single Sign-on for all sites
  • More visibility for upcoming versions of websites. Link to them directly.
  • AMO: Login without leaving current page.
  • Support open technologies (openid, oauth)
  • Shopping cart functionality for addons
  • AMO: get bug list down (currently ~500). Work on fixing more bugs for each update. Work on old bugs.
  • Embed widgets on public sites that use AMO data.
  • Feeds of any data

How to encourage community participation

  • Better documentation
  • University outreach
  • Easier access to creating a development environment
  • Public server for developers to work on
  • Create a vmware image to run amo (Les and Wil)
  • Open API for AMO, will allow developers to use our data

New project ideas

  • Recommendation system for addons. Like Amazon. Suggest.
  • Favorite extensions app for Facebook
  • Writeable api for AMO.
  • Tool to create FF installs with selectable extensions
  • Web developer pack, localizer pack, etc.
  • Search engine that covers all our websites.
  • Organizational dashboard covering projects every team is working on.
  • Centralize places to put stuff. We have wiki, google docs, basecamp, writeboards & bugzilla.
  • More inter-group coordination.
  • Create an open web technology showpiece for mozilla.org redesign
  • Find ways to integrate AMO and mozdev to make it easy for developers to create an add-on and then publish it