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So you want to Steward an externally created web property... eh?


  • Who is:
    • The product owner
    • The decider
    • The driver
  • What is the URL for the site?
    • Does Mozilla own this URL? Check WHOIS records just in case.
  • Is there a Project Tracking Bug
    • Does it cover requirements?
  • Is this a Public campaign or a Private campaign?
    • There needs to be a good reason for making this a Private campaign.
  • Will this be localized
    • Every project must be localizable (under consideration)
  • Code
    • Must use Playdoh
    • Must be committed to Mozilla code repo from day 1
    • Desktop only? Mobile?
  • Notify Teams Early
    • WebQA
    • Infrasec
    • Legal/Privacy
    • L10n
    • IT
  • Lifecycle
    • All phases defined and built by agency
    • Agency performs bug fixes post-launch; supports site through its lifespan
    • End of life (campaign end date, takedown date)
    • Post-mortem; goal and measurement analysis
  • Email
    • Are we collecting email addresses? Do we need Repsonsys?
    • Will app be sending a lot of emails? Do we need a third-party email provider?

Contractor Requirements Documents

When contracting creative and development work to third party vendors, these are the requirements that should be sent to vendor and included in the contract/statement of work.

Typical Requirement Areas

  • Authentication/Authorization
  • Community moderation
  • Developed in Python/Django using Playdoh for rapid development.
  • Webtrend Analytics
  • Responsys - Allowing members to signup for mailing lists.

New Website Process

This has been moved to New Website Process.

Code Repository

  • First, determine if this project will be developed publicly or privately.
  • All web projects will be hosted on Github.
    • Create repo under the mozilla organization.
      • Make repo private if asked, but the intent is to make all repos public.
    • Create a Team and add the external developers who will be the owner of the project through development.
    • Add Webdev and IT_Operations teams to the project

Code Review


Once a project is alive... here are some reusable checklists...