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  • Onsite
    • Calendar requests sent
    • Looking for feedback on nomination and bug blocks on Wed -- comments?
    • Would you guys be interested in lightning talks? Everyone gets 5-10 minutes to talk about anything kind of thing?
    • Final decision on onsite team building


  • spent most my time on bandwagon: design changes, data updates, fixing IE's oddities.
  • Also, the project's at constant risk of feature creeping which makes me sad.
  • Next on my list: Bandwagon EULAs, then 4.0.3 bugs


  • PriorArt bug 461780 - Added File upload capabilites
  • Socorro - Creating an integration test dataset


  • Socorro bug 458798, bug 462942 - after chasing a tricky quadruple dispatch problem that turned out to be totally unnecessary, the new Filesytem ready for staging
  • Socorro - oversaw the first in production selective throttling
  • returning to preparing for the big database partitioning thingy to be implemented during WebDev onsite


  • How did I run around so much and achieve so little this week?
    • CSAT for forums in staging shortly, please test and comment on UX.
    • New search needs install on staging, testing, have been working on indexing stuff.
    • Forum performance tuning
    • Security bugs coming out my ears ( bug 463054, bug 463055, bug 463056,bug 463069, bug 463068 )
    • svn re-organization later today.
    • Code freeze for 0.7.2 pushed to Friday to get all of this in, with longer QA period than normal.
  • Helped Mossop get set up for contributing to AMO :) Please assign him all your bugs (just kidding).


  • verbatim timeline
  • pootle's tests leave something to be desired
  • adding l10n pages to moz.com


  • AMO for Fennec bug 453517
  • AMO triage Wednesday and Thursday wootz0rs
  • Onsite planning, etc.
  • Worked on Goals draft
  • Met with a professor from Stanford who is evaluating our performance review process
  • Met with Kev Needham to discuss a partner repack tool for building customized versions of Firefox


  • Community store
  • Graph server
  • Watching bandwagon discussions, waiting until requirements are finalized


  • Getting lizardfeeder in shape for a public release
  • Catching up with AMO Bandwagon to understand bug 456142 and bug 462950
  • Hoping to get a crack at bug 457947 for an admin interface on Socorro