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Open Items

  • Web security guidelines - bug 542920
  • 80 chars?
  • IT?
  • Feb checkin - 2nd month of quarter; how are we doing?
  • Get Involved
    • Lower the barrier to entry
    • Labs night/meetup
    • Hacks(/our) blog demos/posts
  • Next on-site?





    • translation boxes
    • running on preview
    • super fast testing
    • object caching for raw sql queries
  • Patching Django
  • got some pull requests. CONTRIBUTORS!
  • Some people wear Chuck Norris pajamas. Chuck Norris wears Jeff Balogh pajamas.


  • Working on Kitsune (SUMO rewrite) planning.
  • Met with the Contribute group.
  • Scheduled brown bag with Spark Program.
  • When Chuck Norris points to NULL, NULL quakes in fear.
    • Bruce Schneier can cross each of the 7 bridges of Konigsberg only once, and end back up where he started.


  • still broken


  • Guns don't kill people. Chuck Norris kills people.
  • SUMO:
  • Security review for Personas
  • I'm +1 for 79/80 chars - more readable (also if you have a lot of lines over 80 chars...what are you writing? Java?)



  • Finished editor tools revamp for AMO 5.6
  • Started zamboni stats backend for AMO 5.7
  • I'm terrible at remembering any quotes that are not Lebowski


  • Lots of interviews last week and this week.
  • Worked on a few blocklist bugs and pfs issues last week.
  • Chuck Norris once kicked a horse in the chin. Its descendants today are known as giraffes.


  • getfirebug.com launched!
  • test pilot test cases ready to go (could use some help troubleshooting WP permalinks)
  • AMO email to a friend
  • Preliminary mozilla style guide work (outline, research, getting wiki pages ready)
  • Rebooting Mozilla webdev blog (design, rough editorial calendar, webdev profiles, outreach)
  • "Did you know that Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer? Too bad he's never cried."


  • community stuffs
    • Got plugin check code contribution from lloyd
    • Helped new user setup Socorro for their product
  • Socorro
    • Fixed Socorro LDAP issue
    • Out of process plugins shipped
    • Correlation reports shipped
    • Working on backend Socorro code for metrics / Hadoop integration
  • Chipped in on Security review

Chuck Norris does not "style" his hair. It lays perfectly in place out of sheer terror.


  • Favorite Chuck Norris quote:
    • "There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live."


  • Personas
    • Security fixes
    • 50,000 personas
  • At RIT recruiting
    • Presentation about scalability & performance at Computer Science House
    • Recruiting presentation today
  • Everybody loves Raymond. Except Chuck Norris.


  • Bouncer/Tuxedo is ready for Build to play with
  • Now working on some Zamboni goodness
  • Will be out Friday, traveling to FOSDEM
  • Favorite Chuck Norris quote: "The Plane Crashed Here"


  • clouserw is AFK until around midnight
  • Setup mozilla.com's Selenium tests in Hudson
  • Started SUMO
  • Has continued to update the AMO Environment page. Take a look if you haven't in a while.
  • I think the 80 char limit is good for our python code. My objection is limiting templates/HTML to a strict 80. I think it should be at the developer's discretion to wrap at a reasonable line length to make the HTML as readable and maintainable as possible.
  • I also use vim and indent with spaces if we want to argue about that next time.
  • AMO
    • 5.6 launches 2/2 bug 543514
    • 5.7 is started, people have bugs
  • When Chuck Norris does a pushup, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the Earth down.
  • I miss you all, I'm sure. <3