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Open Items



  • mozilla.org l10n
    • setting up gettext and a way to preview translations without a stage site (.org pulls production from svn:trunk)
  • mozilla.com
    • mozweb reorg.
      • marketing working on finding Information Architecture and design experts to contract
      • moving content from .com -> .org (e.g. Get Involved page)
      • mozilla.org l10n
    • mobile
    • nosetests running in hudson
    • 3.0.x, 3.5.x, 3.6.x releases this week
      • 3.0.19 end of life
    • A/B tests


  • AMO-Personas a go-go
  • Some RYFF promos
  • Groundwork for L10n Portal
  • Acadia: That's Some Good Nature


  • Working on making testing sphinx not so darn slow.
  • AMO bugz
  • Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii - new land formed daily.



  • Last time, on jsocol's week...
    • Lots of interviews.
    • Lots of reviews.
    • Pushed SUMO 1.5.2 for Desktop last week—had to hold off on 1.5.2 for Mobile.
    • Hacked together a Sphinx-backed search engine for GetPersonas.com.
  • Stay tuned for...
    • SUMO 1.5.2 for Mobile.
    • SUMO 1.5.3.
    • Kitsune (SUMO 2.0) up in staging.
  • Favorite place in nature: Prospect Park, even though there's nothing remotely natural about it.



  • Metrics Collaboration
    • continues to provide hours of entertainment
    • collector breakdowns finally reproduced and traced to hbase setup
    • fixed just in time for a big NFS failure
    • in a role reversal, we can use hbase to backfill what was lost in NFS
      • writing and testing that now
      • hoping to run it tomorrow
  • Socorro 1.6
    • top_crash_by_signature enhancement
      • rolled into trunk
      • need to write long upgrade instructions
    • yet to write the code that will garbage collect the materialized views
  • need to think about the hadoop migration affects others using Socorro
  • Trapper Peak in the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness.



  • In Toronto, land of adventure, office of intermittent internet
  • BYOB work week
  • More a city & civilization kind of guy, but Pacifica was pretty & nice.


  • Working on a zamboni mailer for contribution thank you notes.
  • Looked at celery for its scheduling and delay features, but its fairly complex setup wasn't worth it for the simple mailing tasks I'm doing at the moment. Unlike gearman, it is python only.
  • Anyplace I can completely escape the sights, sounds, and smells of Homo sapiens is my favorite.


  • Interviews
    • Landed our last intern! W00t!
  • Projects
    • opentochoice: talking with zemoga, buchanan, Jane to figure out long-term goals
    • PFS: updated hash value for new flash version, pushed it out
    • AUS: reviews for build for Firefox and Thunderbird updates, mobile changes
    • Summit: updating the RSVP app for the summit to support full registration
  • Fav. place: Sandy beach at night see map


  • webdev blog is done, waiting for IT to add it to WPMU bug
  • Various BYOB UX work
  • SUMO Forum reboot (wireframin' 'n' schemin')
  • favourite spot: Costa Rica


  • Cross Browser Support for PluginCheck in QA.
  • At SXSW learning how to monetize my followers augmented reality in real-time based on their physical context.


  • SUMO Kitsune
    • advanced search forms bug 549350
    • improved search summaries using Sphinx's BuildExcerpts bug 549012
    • reviews for jsocol spellchecker/didyoumean
    • common templates and css required for search, base template bug 547279
  • 1.5.2 livechat bugs, migration process
  • lots of planning, meetings for Kitsune status, etc
  • Favorite place in nature (so far): the Grand Canyon, when it snows.


  • Personas avalanche
    • 3 million uniques, 40 million page views in 1 day (>400 req/sec)
    • Pushed over 12Gb/s
    • Added master/slave support friday and sphinx search tonight
    • Pushed db load to 78
    • Added 10 reviewers
  • Working on cesium in spare time
  • Lots of interviews
  • Xianhang Zhang from Bumblebee Labs is presenting on Thursday: Designing for Narratives
  • Maine


  • Favorite place in nature, probably the Oregon Coast. But it's hard to pick.


  • AMO 5.8 freeze is tonight. When we launch
    • Our first URLs on pure python will be live
  • Been working on the /users/ code in zamboni
  • gq is my latest favorite vim combo
  • buy your tickets for the onsite