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Open Items



  • Spread Firefox: getting skeen set up for dev
  • Mozilla.com
    • Firefox releases: 3.6.3 (last week), 3.6.4 (this week maybe?)
    • Mobile releases: 1.0.1 (today)
    • Mobile device detection: almost finished, lingering questions on requirements, design, and copy
    • Gomez: page performance metrics tool
  • Mozilla.org gettext: still plugging away
  • Interviewed someone, only my second time ever


  • AMO/Personas hand-off and touch-ups (1)
  • More IA and contextual inquiry for L10n (2)
  • Finished Lorentz beta pages (3)
  • Brainstorming for Personas Plus + Themes (4)
  • Socorro touchups (5, 6) and brainstorming (7)
  • On the horizon: Labs, SUMO


  • Interviews/Recruting
  • Spark Program - any tips for teaching web dev to 13 year olds
  • Code reviews for Kitsune
  • AMO
    • Minor remora bugs
    • Diagnosing issues Sphinx in production
    • Zamboni Frontend Search - does batched queries to obtain filters - fixes some other longstanding Search Bugs
    • Minor tweaks to Zamboni search form
    • Added a collections index to Sphinx
  • Now: Autocomplete, Meeting with Sphinx this week



  • Kitsune
    • Got our list of supported locales in place and wrote middlware for it. (549013)
    • Built up our Sphinx testing requirements.
    • Got Hudson running.
    • jingo-minify (Dave and Fred did the real work.)
    • String extraction.
  • Next
    • Verbatim
    • 2.0 Freeze
    • Unicode. So much unicode.
  • old picture


  • Just hacking on Silver Lining. Encountering little system bugs now, less than satisfying.
  • I need to get this thing out into the world more; I think it's usable now. PHP support is much better now.
  • I see Mozilla Hudson has some nice metrics... I want to copy those for a separate Hudson deployment I'm using.
  • Starting to look at Sphinx setup and configuration to fill out Zamboni deployment. Probably just need to go through it with Dave.
  • I'm not sure VirtualBox instantiation is any faster than instantiating a real cloud server, disappointingly. Still need to dig into it, mostly cribbing from a Ruby library that seems like the best wrapper out there.
  • I don't have any pictures handy, but here's a picture of my office door


Theme: Interruptions of Interruptions - looking forward to stack overflow

  • Socorro 1.6 - unpleasant surprises
    • push was delayed by a release
    • stuff marked as done that wasn't really done
    • dailyUrl report
    • utf-8 problem
    • the Lorentz versions
  • Socorro 1.6.1
    • release this week
  • Socorro 1.7
    • NFS to HBase conversion
    • the OOPP twin crash conundrum


  • Socorro 1.6 shipped (see lars' excellent summary)
  • Scheduled highly limited scope 1.6.1 (things left out, regressions, lorentz overflow)
  • Drafted roadmap
  • Performed terrifying numerical analysis about increase in crash report volume
  • Began enormous triage of all open Socorro bugs
  • Started bug 533489 (tried upgrading kohana), decided to do bug 556828 instead
  • Fixed bug 532851, worked on bug 556888
  • Reviewed a couple SUMO patches and the new New Hire app, need to do this again since skeen decided to port it to kohana
  • Dear God. Well, it was the eighties, ok? me in 1988


  • Visited Mountain View last week
    • Being there in person sure helps being able to hear on conference calls :)
  • Weave Sync
    • Wrapping my head around registration, installing laptop LDAP, assisting load testing
  • BYOB
    • Building "expert mode" for editing repack distribution INI bug 538615
  • Plugin Directory
  • This was me:
    • n500608083_1561366_9491.jpg


  • working on reviewing an AUS patch so joduinn stops pinging me every 2 hours
  • wrapped up summit invite form stuff
  • lots of interviews
  • worked on blocklist process with nick and beltzner
  • got caught up with rypple (sorry about the rypple spam)
  • And... me in 1996







  • AMO 5.8 went out, 5.9 is going out today at 1600
  • I wrote Hera
  • Django accepted another one line patch
  • Hudson is public (thanks shyam)
  • If you've got extra time or want some variety please talk to me about AMO. I've got bugs of all sizes looking for someone to squish them.