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Open Items

  • New superstars have joined our ranks!
  • Webdev meetings
    • What do you like?
      • Good to hear what people are doing
      • Like the random tidbits
    • What sucks?
      • Lots of people
      • Meeting is getting longer
    • How can we make better use of the time?
  • Other hiring updates, FYI




  • Firefox Cup, hacked on Zamboni
  • Email Campaign, researching MailChimp API
  • Mozilla.com landing page performance
  • Mobile device detection launched



  • When I started my boss lived in PDX, then he moved to MV... and now my new boss is in PDX.
  • Spark Program over
  • Building some more fixture-y tools for Django
  • Reviewing whatever James tells me to review.
  • AMO bugs
    • Porting things to Zamboni
    • Fixed a lot of crashes/tracebacks
    • Cleanup of Advanced Search
    • Getting remora and zamboni to play nice (tags, users, etc)
  • I may have written about Bar Tab
  • Baby due in 0-21 days
  • Ingredent: Whatever they use to sweeten my diet MTN DEW
  • <- wishes this was markdown


  • got forked four times yesterday
  • pushed amo 3 times last week, only 1 planned for this week (so far)
  • other stuff
  • I love Lake Blue #3



  • Prepped for new people (yay!, welcome!)
  • Pushed SUMO 2.0 and it stuck this time.
  • Filed a number of 2.1 and 2.2 bugs.
  • Lots of reviews.
  • Worked on engineering plan for the quarter.
  • Blue. Definitely blue.



  • socorro 1.7 code freeze? Slushy? Squishee?
    • rolling back 2.6 code to 2.4 because infrastructure not ready
      • it was the path of least resistance
    • retiring NFS storage in favor of HBase storage
    • more dealing with a Java codebase written in Python 2.1
    • trouble recovering from socket and other network errors
    • resurrecting failed iterators mid cycle without the benefit of transactions
  • liquid smoke
    • soy sauce + maple syrup + liquid smoke + coarse black pepper + thin tempeh strips; baked or fried until crisp...


  • Long time since the last meeting!
  • Shipped three releases (1.6.1, 1.6.2, 1.6.3)
  • Trying to freeze on 1.7, some issues (cf lars, ozten)
  • Interviewing Firefox and Platform engineers for requirements elicitation, spending many hours with metrics
  • CrashKill started up again
  • Researching text indexes for Hbase
  • Working on the 2.0 PRD
  • I have a draft post up on the webdev blog if you have feedback on it, otherwise I'll post it later today
  • I dislike artificial flavors intensely, cherry is worst of all, followed by banana



  • hiring and putting out fires
  • summit stuff -- sent out reminders to 88 folks to RSVP, resurrecting summitr
  • AUS patch reviews for build
  • Favorite flavor: banana runts!


  • Socorro 1.6.3
  • Wrestling with Socorro DB to add Hang to ADU report
  • Cross Browser UpYourPlug and bug fixes
  • Launching a Labs Experiment
  • Grape is my favorite fake flavor. Why do smoke machines sometimes smell like Grape?


  • get Kitsune live with jsocol
    • yay, we now have a UTF8 database on prod!
  • initial work on getting a python mediawiki parser
  • get WebTrends on SUMO, remove Omniture
  • bug 563578 new discussion forums views
  • Wonka Nerds


  • Stats first draft finished EOW next week!
  • Red Starburst
  • (Kinda cribbed from jsocol) [[1]]



  • Bespin Gallery - Started development on a gallery for Bespin plugins. Est. launch June 15th.
  • Creative Collective - Pushed search and navigation enhancements Thursday.
  • Socorro - Code-freeze on 1.7.


  • starting kitsune live chat app (learning django as i go)
  • Live Chat Web Client
    • coming up to speed on the requirements and dividing tasks between myself and Matthew(zzxc)
    • start building sections of the proposed js client
  • various SFX and QMO drupal bugs
  • deployment of new worker management app (with buddy system added)
  • corp seating chart
  • Fav Artificial Flavor


  • Bouncer
    • Blogged about Tuxedo
    • Tried to involve clients in mirror checking but no success due to JS client security policies :-/
  • SSO
    • Prototype code-complete
    • need to get instance staged
    • planning on integrating with WikiMo first
  • Weave
  • Favorite artificial flavor: Dr. Pepper -- and don't try to tell me that's natural ;)


  • AMO has done, like, 6 pushes since we last talked. Another one scheduled for today @ 4
  • AMO has some pages 100% on python
  • Add-on Validator V2 spec
  • Interviews, reviews of specs, bug triaging, coordination, trying to figure out how to fit more zamboni pages into Q2
  • In MV a lot


  • Work for MoFo on stuff like Drumbeat.org
  • Based in Toronto, in MV for the week
  • Just started (2 wks old)
  • Love Red Dye # 5